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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Have you ever played Articulate? It is one of my favourite games and on Tuesday, as part of our literacy lesson, we will be playing our own version to help with our explanation writing. Your task is to explain an object without actually mentioning what the object is. Define the object and what it can do in less than 90 seconds. It can be anything including your Ipod or Xbox, a bike or a scooter, a corkscrew or an oven. Don’t choose something no-one will be able to guess, it will make it difficult for you to win the game!

Keep in mind our layered targets for this week and go for gold!!

Bronze: I can plan a drama using some features of an explanation text

Silver: As bronze but including powerful verbs, adjectives and adverbs

Gold: As silver but including use of the passive voice

Have something prepared (probably best written down) and why don’t you try it out on your family members for practice?

Remember, 10 new spellings and reading as per usual. Your maths teacher will also be setting you homework. Enjoy the weekend Class India!!

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