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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

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In a mosque there are no chairs, but in a church there is!  Christians can wear anything; Muslim women have to cover their flesh as well as men.  These are different because of what we believe in.  Muslims have to cover their flesh because they need to show respect to Allah.

In a church and a mosque we both pray and say amen.  They normally both say thank you for what they have.

Muslims go to a mosque to worship their God, Allah.  They also go to a mosque to have a happy life.  Children go to learn Arabic, and to learn their holy Qu'ran.

cathedral 5

Yesterday (Wednesday 13th May 2015) Milepost 2 went on a school trip to the Mosque and Glousester Cathederal. It was awesome! Here are some differences and similarities about the two religious places:


At the Mosque the religon is Islam but the Cathederal is Christianity.

The Cathederal has not always been a Cathederal and the Mosque has always been a mosque.

People who go to the mosque wash before they pray.

Women at the mosque are separated from men when they pray. 



They worship God.

They both have one God.

They both worship at a religious place.


I hope you have learnt a little bit of what I learnt on this amazing trip.


Don't send out personal details

Don’t tell people your full name or where you live

If someone asks for personal details, do not answer and tell a trusted grown up straight away

Be polite at all times

Don’t tell people where you are going or when you are going there

Keep photographs annonmous

Don’t trust strangers even if they say things to persuade you that you can trust them

Only use capital letters when you need to

Never arrange to meet someone online

Don’t make personal comments about people

If you are a victim of cyber bullying don’t retaliate, tell an adult you trust

Keep passwords private


These are our rules for staying safe online, what do you think, is there anything missing?

Here are some possible comments for the blog.

Do you think any of these break our internet safety rules? If you do, how would you change them?


Possible comments:

Do you want to come round to our house Eve?

Where is your house dude?

I am going to the Cinema tonight.


Today I had an awesome time at school.





Somewhere far far away above the pink, fluffy clouds there lived an ancient man named John. John, who was a shy bloke, lived alone on his rustic, floating galleon. Although he was alone he enjoyed the peace and quiet up in the air.

A perishing wind blew through his sails, luckily John did not feel the cold because he was wearing a chestnut-brown, sheepskin, jacket with a winter hat and plastic goggles. His jacket had belonged to his father who was a mountaineer, therefore it kept him beautifully warm even on the coldest of days.

life in the air ensured that John had great stamina and was able to solve complicated puzzles and mysteries when they presented themselves...


What will happen next?