Tech in School

As our vision is realised, this section will grow to reflect how we are using technology with increasing benefit to the children's learning in school.


BC 102 of 122Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our PTA we are fortunate to have netbooks in school that can be used for onsite learning throughout the building, at any point in the school day.

Research and independent enquiry are key features of our curriculum, particularly in the International Primary Curriculum learning, and mobile netbooks are invaluable in order to find facts quickly. Of course, not everything you read on the web is accurate... so our children have a library in which they can check facts and get that all-important second/third/fourth opinion.

The ICT Suite

Netbooks have their role in school but so does an ICT suite, and whole class teaching using larger software packages is far easier to carry out using desktop PCs. Ours have been recently updated - again, all credit to the PTA! - and being a mouse wire's distance from the library then we have the perfect relationship between technology and hard copy resources. 

The ICT suite is a hive of activity at lunchtime when children independently choose to go there to brush up on their Mathletics, or maybe write an article or two for their class blogs. 

Our i-Pad!

That's right, 'i-Pad' singular! We have... one. A mini-one. That's because we want to explore the value that this device can bring to teaching before we look at a wider investment.

So we're messing around with apps that turn it into a visualiser, trialling flipped classroom apps and tinkering with Evernote for assessment and evaluation just as a starter for three. Should we or shouldn't we...? Watch this space!

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A belated 'welcome back' everyone. All the children look immediately more grown up! So far, so good!

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