Long gone are the days when technology was deemed to be the lonely territory of 'techies'. Technology plays an unavoidable role in all of our everyday lives. It's everywhere and likely to continue to be.

We want our children to use technology as a tool to explore, enquire, model and communicate. More importantly, we want them to climb Bloom's taxonomy by using it to innovate or create as they learn.

A clever chap said, "New technology is common; new thinking is rare." Hear, hear to that we say!

Meet The 'BLOTS'...

techblot1Say 01101000 01101001 to 'Technology BLOT'  ( - that's 'Hi' in binary, we think!) This is a BLOT with a serious appetite for making the world smaller through technology. It has an urge to find new and creative ways to use technology to make life and learning easier and more interesting.

The other BLOTS tend to ask it for advice quite regularly - not just on how technology can make things easier but also on how they can stay safe. Technology BLOT is just as focused on being 'technology-safe' as it is on 'technology-to-create', you see. 

The Christian Values that this BLOT lives by are: CREATIVITY, WISDOM, JUSTICE and SERVICE.

A Showcase for Technology at Blue Coat...

It's all very well having 'a Vision' but if elements of it are not being lived out already in school then the question is, "What is the point?"

Please keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it with how we're walking the walk with regard to the LEARNING WITH TECHNOLOGY element of our 4-pronged vision.

Most recently...

Growing our Online Learning Platform Porfolio

2015-10-15 10.17.42 amFor several years, Blue Coat has recognised the significance and value of online platforms to aid learning as shown by its early adoption of Mathletics. These tools often appeal to children, bringing learning to life in fun and imaginative ways, whilst offering a world of opportunity and rewards with online access pretty much everywhere these days.

Over recent months, we have grown the portfolio of online learning platforms available to our pupils. Although the school blogs have been accessible to Key Stage 2 learners now for some time, we have also added Grammar Bug and Scratch to the list of available platforms in and out of school for pupil use. This enables pupils to brush up key writing skills (Grammar Bug) whilst also taking some first steps into the world of computer programming (Scratch). Both have proved popular with pupils in school at lunch times and we are always on the lookout for bigger and better ways for our children to learn with technology.


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Remote learning has launched today and teachers are excited to hear from the children. Some have videoed in to us!

Wednesday at 1:21pm