Why do we do Collective Worship?

BC 115 of 122As a proud Church of England school we engage in acts of collective worship at around 2.45pm for five days of the week. Collective worship is a crucial time as it allows us to gather as a school community - teachers, leaders and children - and reflect on spiritual themes that build the foundations of the school's ethos and, arguably, the code by which we all live our lives. It is a key part of our Spiritual Development - pupils and staff! 

What does ‘Spirituality’ mean at Blue Coat?

Definitions differ by what you read. However, for us, 'Spirituality' refers to how we reflect on the relationship that we have with ourselves, others, the world around us and God (if we so choose). In our search to explore and explain these relationships, it raises fundamental questions of our individual identity, our purpose, God’s love and the values by which we live our lives.

So, what is 'Spiritual Development'?

This refers to the journey by which we grow our spirituality. This is a continuous process and is an ongoing journey throughout our lives that has no end or completion.

What do we do in Collective Worship?

The spiritual themes are taken from the Christian values that we strive to live by. As a school we have chosen 4 core Christian values of focus (Respect-Responsibility-Happiness-Creativity) but collective worship goes beyond just these core values and, throughout the year, will embody all of the wider values at some point. A value each term is selected as the primary focus of worship and contributions from leaders, teachers, children, clergy, the Open the Book team and visitors makes for a rich and diverse reflection on that value. Naturally, the Bible is the central inspiration for all worships but each group has their own unique take and style on how they bring the scripture to life and explore the spiritual messages meaningfully for our children.

Oh, and let's not also forget the numerous Christian church-based services and class worships we hold throughout the year too!

How do we conduct Collective Worship?

BC 121 of 122Many of the school's collective worships follow Anglican liturgy. The Holy Trinity has a strong presence in worship and is represented in our school hall through the Cross (the Son), the Bible (the Father) and a lit candle (the Holy Spirit). This is the initial focus when children quietly prepare for the message centred on our current Christian value as all are presented at the front of the hall. The colours upon which the 3 items sit are also liturgical and so change throughout the year to reflect the Christian calendar.

Worships often start with a communal hymn. We then try to make worship entertaining and engaging whilst also bringing to life the great stuff written in the Bible that we can all learn and benefit from. Worship is peppered with opportunities for children to discuss or ask questions. This helps children to digest the message that is trying to being communicated and allow for more in-depth contemplation. Importantly, children also have the opportunity to reflect individually and more often prayer is encouraged to promote this.

A lot of thought goes into the planning of collective worship and how and when Christian values are reflected upon during the school year. Typically, it may look like this:

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Remote learning has launched today and teachers are excited to hear from the children. Some have videoed in to us!

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