[The clue is in the logo: 'CE' means 'Church of England'!]

We're very proud to be a Church Voluntary Aided school as this means that we are guided by the words of God the Father, the teachings of his Son (Jesus) and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that what the Bible tells us is absolutely key in developing our children's moral compass and wider spirituality.

We want our children to explore their beliefs, work out what is sacred to them, and respect and understand that others might believe differently.

Meet The 'BLOTS'...

The 'Spirituality BLOT' unites our BLOT crew. Its outward looking, external light ensures that the others are always on the right path, especially when things get difficult in the darkness and they need that guiding light to show them what to do.

landing-spiritHowever, it is the Spirituality BLOT's light within that is so important. Typically Christian in nature, this internal light makes sure that this BLOT is always trying to do the right things for others and acting upon those Christian values of LOVE, RESPECT, TRUST, COMPASSION, HUMILITY etc.

This BLOT always seems to have a direct line to the 'right answer' and, as such, the other BLOTs often confide and seek trust in it. Not only that, this BLOT has a knack of drawing out inspiration and awe in many of the everyday things that the other BLOTs tend to take for granted. It makes the BLOTs feel as though they have a special role on an incredible planet - that's got to feel good, right?


A Showcase for Spirituality at Blue Coat...

It's all very well having 'a Vision' but if elements of it are not being lived out already in school then the question is, "What is the point?"

Please keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it with how we're walking the walk with regard to the LEARNING WITH SPIRITUALITY element of our 4-pronged vision.

Most recently...

The Embedding of Our Core Christian Values

photo-151aIn the foyer of the school a 'Living Our Values' display is rapidly evolving to reflect how the school is promoting and evaluating the impact of our core Christian values on our stakeholders.

The display features a photo collage of our values captured in action over the course of a morning by our Future Leaders as part of the school improvement plan that they have authored this year. In addition, the school's buddying system is detailed as one of our proud examples of all of the core values working together in harmony. The recent launch of our Values tokens is acknowledged (the tubs) along with a visitors' book that hopes to capture an external perspective and get some feedback on how our core values are impacting on our pupils and the wider school culture.

The embedding of core values doesn't happen over night but with a steady promotion of them in a number of ways coupled with a constant evaluation of their impact means we're hopeful that, over time, they will be a deep-rooted part of what Blue Coat is to all of its school family.


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Remote learning has launched today and teachers are excited to hear from the children. Some have videoed in to us!

01 Apr 20 at 1:21pm