The best learning requires that we know a bit about ourselves, like how we learn, what makes us tick, what distracts us, what we could be better at and so on. If we know these things then we can begin to control them and our learning.

We're not alone on this planet. We share it with a huge diversity of people. We believe that it's also important to learn about who these people are, how they are similar to us and what we can do to make sure that they also lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Meet The 'BLOTS'...

OOblotThe 'Ourselves & Others BLOT' is a rather sensitive chap. Those antennae thingies make it very sensitive to both how it feels but also the feelings of those around it. It never seems to have any trouble working out the best ways to behave in different situations since it knows itself really well and is very good at adapting to the needs of others. For that reason, it always seems to be the one that everyone crowds around at a party and so the other BLOTS get on with this one famously.

As well as being a sociable, outgoing 'people person', this BLOT is most interested in finding out about different types of people in order to find out more about itself. What makes others tick? How are they similar and different to me? How can I learn more about myself by learning about the lives of others?  And so on...

The Christian Values that this BLOT lives by are: FRIENDSHIP, HONESTY, COMPASSION, TRUST, FORGIVENESS and SERVICE.

A Showcase for Ourselves & Others at Blue Coat...

It's all very well having 'a Vision' but if elements of it are not being lived out already in school then the question is, "What is the point?"

Please keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it with how we're walking the walk with regard to the LEARNING ABOUT OURSELVES & OTHERS element of our 4-pronged vision.

Most recently...

Cultural Enrichment through a Window into World Faiths

Key Stage 2 have embarked on some pioneering trips of cultural enrichment 2015-10-11 11.17.50 amover recent terms through their Religious Education (RE).

This has seen Year 3&4 children visiting an Islamic Mosque and a Christian Cathedral in the same day! The children compared and contrasted the experiences by learning about the principles, rituals and spirituality of these faiths first-hand during their visits. Pupils, staff, parents and local clergy attending the trip found it to be enlightening and rewarding in helping the children understand more about the people who hold beliefs in these faiths.

Similarly, Year 5&6 classes have set the tempo by visiting a Hindu Temple and a Jewish Synagogue in the same day - again, a first for Gloucestershire schools. 

Children visiting a series of places of worship pertaining to a range of world faiths, coupled with a high quality RE curriculum in school, undoubtedly has huge value in our children respecting the diversity of the huge number of people we share the planet with. In doing so, we hope it will also enable our eldest pupils to begin to learn more about themselves and who they are and what is important to them ('Learning with Spirituality').


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done, children, for your Harvest Celebration at St Mary's today.

11 Oct 19 at 12:49pm