Future Leaders

What is a Future Leader?

In some schools this is known as a 'school councillor'. However, we recognise that the role we ask our Future Leaders to play in school falls firmly within leadership. They are a team of commited pupils who are actively involved in the school's strategic decision-making processes and represent the views of the pupil body.

Who are they?

Our Future Leaders have been elected from each Key Stage 1 and 2 class across the school - for the pupil, by the pupil. They express their interest in the role in September and then prepare to persuade and convince their classmates that they are the one best equipped to represent their class in the important decisions that our Future Leaders are asked to make on behalf of the rest of the school.

Once elected, the team meet reguarly with the school's senior leaders to undertake a number of activities that align with the school's priorities at the time.

What have they done previously?

Upon their introduction in 2012-13, Future Leaders were instrumental in several important initiatives and projects within school. Most significantly, they were central in the vision setting process that identified Learning about LEARNING, OURSELVES & OTHERS, TECHNOLOGY and SPIRITUALITY as being the four pillars of our new vision. They filmed the following to tell everyone what they expected the school to deliver for current and future generations of Blue Coat pupils - this steered the thinking of subsequent stakeholder groups at their input stage:

In 2013-14, the Future Leaders took to evaluating the school's performance, planning the first steps to improve it. They identified the following goals:

  • pupils should know and understand the meaning behind the school's core Christian values
  • pupils could take an even more active role in setting their next steps in learning
  • pupils could be treating the school environment with greater levels of respect

As well as these goals, they also managed to pioneer pupil-led worship, which is now a staple part of the collective worship schedule each week, as well as extended involvement in staff recruitment, new parent induction and more.

What will they be doing this year?

Good question! We're sure that it's bound to involve how we make 'Play' more exciting. Other than that, you'll have to watch this space for more details very soon!

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