Good Day Sunshine

DSCN0884We have been lucky to have day after day of dry conditions and lovely sunshine, enabling us to use lots of the site and have the top field open every day. Don't forget to bring in sun hats and apply sunscreen in the summer term!

This slideshow shows some of the fun we have been having in the sun in May and June!

Active Kids

StiltsThank you all for you support in collecting and returning Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers. The scheme has now closed for 2015 and we have sorted and counted all the vouchers - amassing a whopping 6810 points. A group of Junior Future Leaders have helped select a large list of items that we would like in exchange for our vouchers. The sporty shopping list includes foot-, net-, basket-, rugby and tennis balls, stilts, hoops, pompoms, rackets, scoops, skipping ropes, streamers, noodles, a kickflick and some brooms, plus a new pump and some bags to move the equipment around.
Many thanks to all who returned vouchers - the value of our 'free' equipment is over £320.


National Children's Day 2015

DSCN5982This Sunday 17th May is National Children's Day. The theme this year is 'The Science and Magic of Play'. The focus on the importance of play mirrors Blue Coat's own plans and priorities, so we are joining in the celebrations.

Firsly, children in Class Hannu took part in a special project combining the science of growing with the creation of a new outdoor den space. Runner beans, climbing French beans and edible flowers called nasturtiums have all been planted and grown with care by the children. The young plants have now all been planted outside on a teepee frame, ready to scramble up the poles to create a leafy den.

Secondly, we will be celebrating play in the field this weekend as part of the annual Blue Coat May Fayre. The fayre is organised by the PTA and runs from 11.30am - 2.30pm on Saturday 16th May. An area of the field will be dedicated to play. You can create your own giant marble run from scrap, get hula hooping with your friends, or create your own Hawaiian skirt from recycled materials. 

For more information on NCDUK 2015 and play, see 

Update: Take a look at Blue Coat's May Fayre 2015!

Scrap Shed is coming!

DSCN1119A brand new play facility in planned for the playground in this summer term. The Scrap Shed is a storage shed specifically for housing 'large loose parts' for play. The contents will be accessible to all Blue Coat pupils during lunchtimes, and will offer opportunities for open-ended, creative and imaginative play.

For more information on this type of play, please see 

N.B. Blue Coat is making its own Scrap Shed, but the principles are based on the Children's Scrapstore's Play Pods model.

We need your help! We are collecting donations of recycled, scrap materials to fill our Scrap Shed. Pots and pans, suitcases, guttering, tarpaulins, plastics tubs, trugs, shower curtains and bread trays are all suitable. A note should have reached you via Parent Mail by now. The collections bins will be located by the School Office from Monday 1st - Weds 10th June.
For more updates, watch this space!

Outdoor play in spring

DSCN0575The children and the Play Team have been enjoying the recent spring sunshine, with the drier conditions helping us make the most of one of our greatest play assets - the field! The field is open as much as possible at lunchtime, giving lots of space for football, piggybacks, cartwheels and even the odd human pyramid - all activities that are possible when on the soft grass rather than hard tarmac. New footballs have been purchased for playtime, and the new additions of tree stumps, pallet stage and logs are all in regular use.

Elsewhere on site, the Mud Kitchen continues to be very popular, and the children have really made this space their own, setting and resetting the environment to their liking each day. The staff are amazed on daily basis as to just how many different ways you can play with a tyre!

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done, everyone, on a slick and competitive KS2 Sports Day. Great to see so many parents in attendance!

05 Jul 19 at 8:39am