Blue Coat Orchard Morning

DSCN1836It is National Tree Week, and this morning Blue Coat families braved the 50mph winds and met on the school field to plant our own mini orchard.
Supported by a Windfalls Orchard grant from The Tree Council, 9 apple and pear trees were planted in the area next to Forest School.
60 native saplings of rowan, silver birch and cherry were planted nearby, donated by the Woodland Trust as part of the WW1 Centenary Woodlands scheme.
Finally, spring bulbs were planted throughout the area, thanks to generous donations from Thompson and Morgan and from Unwins.
Many thanks to all who came and took part despite the challenging conditions! Our efforts will be rewarded with buds and blossom in the spring, fruit in the autumn and a great new space for wildlife, learning and play all year around.

Adventures in bubble wrap

DSCN1723Recycled and scrap materials now feature heavily on the playground as items that the children can choose for play. This means that alongside the rackets, balls, and Duplo you will find second-hand pans, unwanted suitcases, recycled dressing-up clothes and keyboards that would have been otherwise heading for land-fill. This successful approach of 'Low cost - High value' means that we can offer the children a huge variety of materials without breaking the bank. All items are checked for suitability before play. Many thanks to all who have made scrap donations.

Today, we were lucky to receive a donation of a large roll of scrap bubble wrap from a Blue Coat grandparent. It only lasted for one break - but it generated a huge amount of fun and activity. Please take a look at the slideshow below.

Platinum award ceremony

We held a special play assembly today, as Blue Coat received our Platinum level Play Award from Michael Follett, CEO of OPAL Outdoor Play and Learning. Well done everyone!

IMG 4151

Autumn antics

DSCN1624Autumn term 2 is underway, bringing with it fallen leaves, rain and a bit of mud! Children are helped with the change in season with reminders for coats and jumpers, hand-washing before lunch and before returning to the classroom, and shoe-wiping on the door mats. The new drainage channels on the Infant Playground seem to be working well, so we have seen none of the flooding or silty puddles that we had last year.
You will have received a Parentmail about a new family event on Sunday 29th November. We will be planting our own mini orchard on the school field, plus other tree saplings, spring bulbs, and doing other fun, outdoor activities. The event is kindly supported by grants and donations from The Tree Council (fruit trees), the Woodland Trust (saplings) and Thompson and Morgan (bulbs). All are welcome - put the date in your diary!

Here is a 'window to the playground' slideshow, giving you an idea of what the children have been up to so far this term.

Back to play!

DSCN1451The new term is underway, with new friendships being forged, new kit to play with, and new drains on the Infant Playground!
We also have two new members of staff and welcome Mrs Joynson and Mr Taylor to the Play Team.
Later this week we will be welcoming new Reception children into the Playground and supporting their first lunch time sessions at school. In the mean time, we have been taking advantage of the smashing September sunshine and stretching our legs on the school field every lunchtime.


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

What a brilliant end to the week with Milepost 2 pupils exhibiting their Greatest Showman learning vehicle to parents. Well done!

30 Nov 18 at 2:52pm