Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund winners

A big thank you to all who voted over the Christmas holiday, supporting Blue Coat PTA in their application for funds to support Blue Coat's Forest School programme. We won the public vote and £300.


Welly Share event 15-16th Dec

DSCN1785To support our new Wellies for All initiative that will be launching in the New Year we are running a welly share event. Children's wellies in good condition can be donated to pass on to other Blue Coat pupils. Welly donation bins are located next to the school office (outside). We will take donations up to 14th December.
Donated wellies will be put out on tables on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th December at school pick up. If you are in need of wellies for your Blue Coat children next term then please come and see if there is a spare pair for you.

Many thanks for your support!

Blue Coat Orchard Morning

DSCN1836It is National Tree Week, and this morning Blue Coat families braved the 50mph winds and met on the school field to plant our own mini orchard.
Supported by a Windfalls Orchard grant from The Tree Council, 9 apple and pear trees were planted in the area next to Forest School.
60 native saplings of rowan, silver birch and cherry were planted nearby, donated by the Woodland Trust as part of the WW1 Centenary Woodlands scheme.
Finally, spring bulbs were planted throughout the area, thanks to generous donations from Thompson and Morgan and from Unwins.
Many thanks to all who came and took part despite the challenging conditions! Our efforts will be rewarded with buds and blossom in the spring, fruit in the autumn and a great new space for wildlife, learning and play all year around.

Wellies for All

DSCN1785Wellies for All is a Blue Coat school initiative with the aim that all Blue Coat pupils will have access to a pair of wellies in school for use at playtimes and other outdoor learning experiences.

Why Are We Making this Change?
A key aspect of improving Blue Coat’s outdoor experience is to make the very best use of our spacious grounds. However, access to some areas can be heavily restricted during the winter months due to wetness and mud. Currently, this means children only have access to smaller hard-surface play areas, leading to issues of crowding, limited play options and therefore less valuable, enjoyable play.
Opening up access to as much of the site as possible for as much of the year as possible allows the children to get the full benefits of our child-led outdoor play approach, i.e. increased physical activity; improved mental health; and active practice and development of key social skills.

How Will It Work?
Blue Coat is investing in bespoke Welly Sheds that will house all school wellies outside. The sheds will be weatherproof and lockable. Children will access the wellies themselves (with support) after they have eaten lunch (or before special sessions, including Forest School) so that they can use them to access the wider school site.

What Benefits Should The Welly Shed Bring To Your Child And The School?
- Continued use of as much of the outdoor site as possible year round, including areas that may be wet and/or muddy e.g. the field, the Mud Kitchen, and some new marked areas for development
- School shoes will be kept dry and clean (as should trousers/tights!)
- Mud should be kept out of the school’s indoor environment
- Storage outside will avoid cluttering of cloakroom areas inside

How can You Support this Initiative?
Please provide your child with a pair of name-labelled wellies. These will stay in school and return home at the end of each term. Wellies should be brought into school on Thursday 7th January.

Our aim is for all Blue Coat pupils to have a pair of wellies to use during lunchtime. We hope every pupil can take part in this scheme. If you choose not to take part, then some areas of the school site mentioned will not be accessible to your child due to inappropriate footwear.


Adventures in bubble wrap

DSCN1723Recycled and scrap materials now feature heavily on the playground as items that the children can choose for play. This means that alongside the rackets, balls, and Duplo you will find second-hand pans, unwanted suitcases, recycled dressing-up clothes and keyboards that would have been otherwise heading for land-fill. This successful approach of 'Low cost - High value' means that we can offer the children a huge variety of materials without breaking the bank. All items are checked for suitability before play. Many thanks to all who have made scrap donations.

Today, we were lucky to receive a donation of a large roll of scrap bubble wrap from a Blue Coat grandparent. It only lasted for one break - but it generated a huge amount of fun and activity. Please take a look at the slideshow below.

Head's Tweet

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Well done to all of this week's Star Achievers. See them in the 'Hall of Fame' (pink menu)

28 Sep 18 at 3:21pm