Outdoor play: autumn turns to winter

DSC00430Welcome back after Christmas!

We were blessed with beautiful autumn colour this year. The children took full advantage of the crisp and colourful leaves in the weeks when they were freshly fallen. Natural materials are free and fun, and help to more closely connect the children with our seasons and nature.

A playful Christmas

antler resizeWe've had a busy final week of term. Traditional Blue Coat Christmas events, such as Christmas lunch, Christingle in the hall and class parties, have been held alongside some new festive events.
We had outdoor Christmas trees in the playground for the first time, and a pupil-led decorating session. Wood coins, willow and pine cones were creatively combined with pipe cleaners, sequins, andwhole lot of red ribbon from the Children's Scrapstore! The process was lots of creative fun, the results were spectacular!

Creating space for wildlife and play

DSC00405All year 3 and 4 pupils in classes Drake, Darwin and Cousteau had an active afternoon on the school field, planting young trees and sowing wildflower seeds, to create new habitats for wildlife and improve our play spaces.

Over 100 native saplings were planted (provided kindly by the Woodland Trust) and three long wildflower 'rivers' were sown along blank edges of the field (seeds provided by the Grow Wild Campaign).

Play Coordinator wins national recognition

LOTCawardBlue Coat's Play Coordinator, Mrs Murray, was awarded the title of Inspiring Educator in the Outstanding Contribution to Learning Outside the Classroom awards last week.
Following a shortlisting of 4 by LOtC judges and then a public vote, Mrs Murray finished in first place and had her very own nerve-racking 'golden envelope' moment at the award ceremony!

Outdoor play hub - last days to vote

1 Lead image hammocksPlease VOTE! Please share with friends, family and colleagues.

Voting link: https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-1985 

We are in the final 2 days of voting!

Our project proposal (£5 - £10k Supporting Young People category) is to develop an Outdoor Adventure Play Hub. There are three key elements of this idea:

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

"Au revoir, Year 6!" We hope you have a great, action packed week full of memories. See you on Friday!

11 Jun 18 at 10:55am