Play Journalists: Active Play

Today Pupil Play Journalists took to the playground armed with digital cameras. Their mission was to capture evidence of 'active play' across all our outdoor spaces,  taking photos to tell a photo-story of life at Blue Coat during break and lunch time.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for this task and boys and girls from year 1 to year 6 children got involved. We will tackle other themes and activities throughout the year so more pupils can take part.

Outdoor play is recognised for increasing activity in young people, with benefits to both mental and physical wellbeing. Blue Coat endeavours to offer lots of choice at break times, to create diverse opportunities for play.

The photos are excellent and show evidence of running, jumping, swinging, kicking, dancing, pulling, pushing, balancing, climbing, hanging, lifting, digging, stirring and teamwork. Perhaps more importantly, they show the children engaged in play of their choice, with friends, and following their own instincts, ideas and interests.

Please take a look at our slideshows and add a comment for our Play Journalists if you like!


Play by Flo Turner, Class Cook

DSC02020"Everyone gets excited for play, that is why we have lots of facilities including: scrap, junior playground, infant playground, top playground, field, adventure playground, infant adventure playground, Mud Kitchen, the Dengineering zone and the Play Beach.

A new piece of scrap has made its way to the playground, this piece if scrap is a mesh tube, lots of children wear it as a sort of armour. At school we have a rule called Scrap on Scrap, which means that children cannot hit each other with scrap but hit scrap.

At lunch times we also have an ICT suite and a library for children to go on the computers or read books. There are two sites you can go on: Active Learn and Scratch. Scratch is a programming site where children can curate their own games. Active Learn is a grammar learning site.

The Adventure Playground is like a normal play park. It has a slide, bars, climbing poles, tyre swings, a spider web frame and an assault course. The Infant Adventure Playground is the same but smaller. You can only come in here at break times.

On the field we have a Dengineering Zone where we have a variety of dens, and if you want you can build your own. In the summer the Play Team put out a slack line and hammocks. Lots of children like to play football on the school field since the school have bought goals for them. This is an inspiration for the children to take up new sports. Also on the field there is a Play Beach where children can pretend they are at the beach in school!

On rainy days we have a thing called 'wet play' where all the children stay inside their classrooms and play games that the school provide especially for them.

The children on Blue Coat praise Mrs Murray for her dedication to make play times a fun learning experience for all."


Vote for play!

tokenFantastic news! Blue Coat is through to the voting stage for two funded projects for outdoor play, and we're hoping for your support.

The Big Build - Tesco Bags of Help
In store token voting
1st November - 1st January
Wotton under Edge and Cam Tesco stores

This project will deliver community adventure play event/s with the amazing Woodland Tribe. These event are based on large scale constructions led by the children - think tonnes of wood, real tools and creativity.
The event/s will be open to young people across Wotton under Edge and surrounding villages.

Please remember to pick up tokens and vote!

Aviva Community Fund iconHealthy Hearts through Active Play - Aviva Community Fund
On-line voting - register for 10 votes
Voting open now until 21st November
Blue Coat Healthy Hearts vote here

This project supports active play and the fun side of fitness. We want to get bodies moving, hearts pumping and eyes shining! Elements include taster parkour sessions, scooter play with ramps, circus style kit and sporty kit - plus community events.

Please support Blue Coat with your votes!

Many thanks! Mrs Murray


Pupils for Play

FLsPupils for Play is an approach to ensure that the children get to raise their voice to inform play decisions, discuss playtime, share their opinions and generally 'have their say'. We will achieve this in a variety of ways and are trialling some of these over the year ahead. The children will act as the school's play journalists, and methods will include blogs, tweets, interviews, assemblies and photo stories. Keep your eyes on this blog, on our play twitter account @Blue_Coat_Play and around the school to see our results.

Thank you to play journalist Sophie Blaken from Class Cook (year 6) for providing our first article.

Pupils for Play - Sophie Blaken, Class Cook (year 6)

Blue Coat School has a wide range of playtime facilities. It is fun and everybody in the school definitely benefits from having a better play space.

I like to play in the Mud Kitchen where there are a lot of trees to build hammocks and dens on. My friend Hannah and I like to make dens for younger children. I like to take responsibility to care for younger pupils in our school.

Other people in my class, including myself, love the school field. Boys and girls like playing football together. My friends also like to play on the sandpit with their Reception Buddies, helping them to be imaginative and creative.

I look forward to play. It's one of the happiest parts of my day."



Celebrating 3 years of Outdoor Play and Learning

DSCN2602It's been just over three years since we launched ourselves in to our Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) journey, and what an exciting and eventful three years it has been!
Our practice and our spaces have undergone change with play in mind, with ambitious plans and decision-making driven by the Blue Coat pupils. Strongly supporting our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Creativity and Happiness, we are proud to be an OPAL Platinum school!
With 50 tonnes of sand, truck loads of scrap, a generous dollop of mud and a sprinkling of grants and awards, we have found a recipe for increasing choice, activity levels, creative opportunities and happiness for our pupils at play.
The newsletter below summarises some of our projects and ideas, and also highlights some of the exciting plans we have coming up.
Click here for newsletter: Play Matters Oct 2017

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done, everyone, on a slick and competitive KS2 Sports Day. Great to see so many parents in attendance!

05 Jul 19 at 8:39am