Planting a Daffodil Labyrinth

DSCN8213 CopyAt a special after-school event, Ignite and Outdoor clubs joined forces, supported by Mrs Blaken and Mr Brooks, with special guests from the Open the Book team, Reverend Morag and Jane Gray Wallis, to create our first outdoor labyrinth.

The idea was inspired by Ignite Club's pebble labyrinth that the club built and walked in the school hall in a session led by Jane Gray Wallis. A labyrinth provides a special, personal walk where participants can be calm and reflective. It is not the same as a maze for getting lost in and conquering! It is a meandering, singular path that comes to a centre point.

We look to create quiet, special places for play and reflection at school and this seemed a perfect fit for our field.

Now we just have to wait for the spring sunshine! Photos will be shared here!

Thank you to all our guests, club members and supporting teachers.


Play at Blue Coat - Harvey M, year 6

DSCN1483We have a vast variety of play facilities that everyone can use. We have lots of places to have fun, such as: the field - which has a Play Beach and a Dengineering Zone, three open space playgrounds, a couple of adventure playgrounds and a Reflection Area.

Reflection Area
The Reflection Area is in the middle of the school and is a place for quietness and peace. We can sit down and read a book or listen to bible stories using headphones on an audio system. There is a small outside area where we can go out and water the plants, or sit on cushions on the benches.

Open space playgrounds
DSCN2602There are three playgrounds to enjoy: Infant, Junior and Top. The Infant Playground has lots of fun ground markings like hopscotch and snakes and ladders that we can play on with our friends. The Junior Playground is a place where we can play and hang around with our friends and has areas undercover. The Top Playground is a place where we can all play games and sport like: football, netball, tennis, rounders and other sports using the different coloured ground markings for different sports, This playground leads up onto the field.

Junior adventure playground
This playground is an extremely fun place for juniors to use, and is packed with extremely fun equipment consisting of: a big slide that spirals down onto soft floor padding with wooden slats to lead us back up again with a rope to keep us stable, small strong poles (facing upwards) that we can balance on, climbing poles with supporting hand holds, two horizontal metal bars for us to do tricks on, and lots of other play equipment. We are allowed on this playground at break-times.

The field is a big open grass space, with white paint to mark out sports pitches, A lot of children play sports on here like football, rugby, tag rugby, running, varied things on sports day and sometimes netball. If it is wet during lunch time play, we need to wear wellies on the field.

Play Beach
There is a little beach on one side of the field for everyone to use. We can play using beach tools such as buckets, spades, plastic trowles and more.

Dengineering Zone
DSC01948The Dengineering Zone can be found on the field by looking out for the hammocks, low tight rope and the Hex Den. The Hex Den is a den with stairs at the front and a stage-like platform where we can stand on. Furthermore, we can venture into a little cave-like space under the platform.


Playground Christmas Trees

Tinsel fever struck the playground today in a blur of creative Christmas craftiness. Donated Christmas trees, baubles and tinsel were all on hand, along with wood coins, pine cones, pens, string and glue for DIY decorations.

Play Journalists captured the fun! See photos here.

Say cheese! Christmas photo frame

DRF2PRqX4AAbKpuLots of silly fun on the last playtime of 2017. Have a great Christmas break and we're looking forward to a playful new year.

Christmas wishes from the
Blue Coat Play Team


Play time by Hannah Beattie, Class Cook

DSC01887"I love play times at Blue Coat. With a wide range of things to do, all pupils can have a great time outside of the classroom as well as inside.

I enjoy playing with the younger children, especially my Reception Buddy Lily. At Blue Coat we recycle scrap and make it into play, from pots and pans to old phones and computers. This can let a pupil's imagination run wild!

Football is a very popular choice of play at Blue Coat. Quite recently we have been lucky enough to get four football goals which has increased the popularity of this sport. At Blue Coat we have a massive sand pit that we like to call the Play Beach. The Play Beach holds over 50 tonnes of sand for all children to enjoy.

We have a part of the field that we make dens on. We call this area the Dengineering Zone. It's where we can play toegther as a team to create an amazing den for everyone to share and enjoy.

I am very grateful that I am a pupil of this school and really enjoy the play we have!"

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

#veryproud of our Year 6 2018 - they achieved some of the best SATs results in the county

17 Dec 18 at 11:15am