Building Fun! - a Big Build report by Lizzie B

IMG 7260On Saturday 9th June, my family and I went to Blue Coat school. We were going there not just to see my Aunty, Uncle and cousins, but to build! There was a half built pirate ship called The ss Blue Banana. Me, Jenny, Becky and Jenny's friend Isla got to work on the floor board. We were all hammering and sawing, unfortunately the sawdust got in my eyes and it also smelt like cooked sausages.
After 1 hour of work the floor board looked almost professional. So on we went to decorating using lots of bright coloured neon ribbon. WOW! It looked amazing, just like a proper pirate ship. There were scramble nets, cannons, ladders and much more.
As I was sanding the steering wheel I smelt the lovely daisies blowing in the wind. When I was admiring the ship I could hear the loud hammers hammering against the warm wood. I couldn't believe this activity let me use all the things my parents say not to use! When I was building I actually thought water was coming into the boat. Bud sadly we only got 1 hour and 45 minutes each session, it was an absolutely sensational afternoon and it was incredible weather too. I loved the activity and want to do it again because it was that good.

Here's another report from the Gazette Big Build Gazette article

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done, everyone, on a slick and competitive KS2 Sports Day. Great to see so many parents in attendance!

05 Jul 19 at 8:39am