Pupils for Play

FLsPupils for Play is an approach to ensure that the children get to raise their voice to inform play decisions, discuss playtime, share their opinions and generally 'have their say'. We will achieve this in a variety of ways and are trialling some of these over the year ahead. The children will act as the school's play journalists, and methods will include blogs, tweets, interviews, assemblies and photo stories. Keep your eyes on this blog, on our play twitter account @Blue_Coat_Play and around the school to see our results.

Thank you to play journalist Sophie Blaken from Class Cook (year 6) for providing our first article.

Pupils for Play - Sophie Blaken, Class Cook (year 6)

Blue Coat School has a wide range of playtime facilities. It is fun and everybody in the school definitely benefits from having a better play space.

I like to play in the Mud Kitchen where there are a lot of trees to build hammocks and dens on. My friend Hannah and I like to make dens for younger children. I like to take responsibility to care for younger pupils in our school.

Other people in my class, including myself, love the school field. Boys and girls like playing football together. My friends also like to play on the sandpit with their Reception Buddies, helping them to be imaginative and creative.

I look forward to play. It's one of the happiest parts of my day."



Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

"Yo Blue Coat! / Yo Wotton!" What an amazing finale for the second iSingPop project! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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