Family Field Day #1

jbrisThe first Family Field Day was a great success. Despite a morning of torrential rain, the clouds finally parted and we were blessed with a warm and breezy aftenoon.

Over 60 people attended and all areas of the field were busy. The Dengineering Zone was full of song and laughter as the new Hex Den became a perfomance stage for a holiday song and dance routine entitled 'We are the Maggots!' Lots of people tested their balance on the new slackline, which is definitely harder than it looks. It was great to see Play Team members Mrs Forman and Miss Watkins testing out their new work environment, although I think they might both need a bit more practice!

The Play Beach got a good digging over and the goal posts were up for a game of footy. Throw in some mud pies, kites and bubbles and that gives you a good picture of the afternoon.

Many thanks to all who came and brought the school field to life, and to the PTA for their 'honesty box' refreshments.

Next Family Field Day is Thursday 24th August - all are welcome.

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

"Yo Blue Coat! / Yo Wotton!" What an amazing finale for the second iSingPop project! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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