Ship shape!

DSC01743We have had a wonderful donation from a Blue Coat family - a rowing boat! This will be a great addition to our play spaces and will probably take up residence near the Play Beach.

It needs a bit of cleaning and TLC to get it ship-shape and ready for play. Step up the Blue Coat cleaning squad! Pupil power helped clean the bottom and sides of the boat today - we'll tackle the insides later this week. The run-off water created lots of additional opportunities for dam building, toe-dipping, toy boating and hand printing. What a fun morning.

Thank you all for your scrubbing energy! And many thanks to the Hale family for the kind donation. We have another larger boat on the way soon and may be asking for some parent help to move it into place on the field.


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

A belated Happy New Year, everyone! We've hit the ground running and lots going on in 2018 already.

10 Jan 18 at 11:00am