Pupils planning for play

DSC01178We are lucky to have secured some grant money to spend on a 'dengineering' project to improve our school grounds and outdoor play opportunities.

Before any orders are placed we, of course, have been asking the experts - our pupils! Mrs Murray, Mr Knill and the Future Leaders spent an afternoon session discussing dens and looking at lots of different examples of design, including raised platforms, log dens, teepees, ribbon dens, willow arches, and trellis tents.
The Future Leaders are now leading a whole school voting process, allowing every pupil to have their say in what type of dens will be best for Blue Coat.

Mrs Murray will collate the votes and these will inform our final Dengineering Zone design. Watch this space for updates!

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

What a brilliant end to the week with Milepost 2 pupils exhibiting their Greatest Showman learning vehicle to parents. Well done!

30 Nov 18 at 2:52pm