2 years of Mud Kitchen Magic

IMG 30452 years ago a small team of volunteers transformed an unloved and under-used area of the playground into Blue Coat's very own Mud Kitchen.

The Mud Kitchen has become one of our most popular and most used play spaces. It has been open every school day since its launch in Feb 2015, increasing our overall space for play.

It is home to our 'large loose parts' - tyres, planks, logs, tree stumps and pallets are reimagined every play time to create pirate ships, obstacle courses, dens, seesaws, stepping stones, desert islands, cars, hedgehog homes and more. Scrap from our Scrap Shed is integrated into the daily constructions, adding special features, hammocks, shelter, seating and surprises!

And of course, there are the pots and pans and the endless mixing of potions and mud pies, with added cherry blossom, autumn leaves, pines cones and freshly grated chalk dust.

Happy birthday Mud Kitchen - here's to many more years of great play.


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from Mr Ryan

Ask your child what was so special about Blue Coat play today... #no1

13 Jul 18 at 7:56pm