Outdoor play hub - last days to vote

1 Lead image hammocksPlease VOTE! Please share with friends, family and colleagues.

Voting link: https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-1985 

We are in the final 2 days of voting!

Our project proposal (£5 - £10k Supporting Young People category) is to develop an Outdoor Adventure Play Hub. There are three key elements of this idea:


- to further develop the school site adding exciting play opportunities (e.g. a Dengineering area, Swing and Hang zone with hammocks and slack-line, Pop-up scooter park)

- to open up the site to Blue Coat pupils and the wider commuity of Young People in Wotton under Edge;

- to work with staff from other schools to share our learning and best pratice.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! It's simple, the more votes we get, the more chance we have of getting to the final judging stage.

Voting closes on Friday 18th November. Each person gets 10 votes. You can use all 10 votes on 1 project if you wish! Every vote counts! Spread the word!

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Thank you to all those who were involved in Saturday's Flowers and Play event. See photos in the News section...

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