LOL! Magic moments

Joe webThis new slideshow is a showcase of smiles; magic moments of happiness, silliness and friendship captured in Blue Coat's play spaces. Whether it's the joy of rolling down a grassy bank, the delight in sharing a wobbly platform with a classmate, or the pleasure and giggles created by bursting into loud, spontaneous song in the gazebo, moments of fun and friendship FEEL GOOD!


Research shows that free-play leads to increased activity levels in young people, but it also offers mental health improvements, such as stress relief, a greater 'sense of self' and positive development of self-esteem. Feelings of pleasure and achievement are also identified as key factors for developing resilience.

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

We observed Remembrance in school worship yesterday, following on from Class Taibei's brilliant, thought provoking worship last Friday.

Yesterday at 9:22am