LOL! Magic moments

Joe webThis new slideshow is a showcase of smiles; magic moments of happiness, silliness and friendship captured in Blue Coat's play spaces. Whether it's the joy of rolling down a grassy bank, the delight in sharing a wobbly platform with a classmate, or the pleasure and giggles created by bursting into loud, spontaneous song in the gazebo, moments of fun and friendship FEEL GOOD!


Research shows that free-play leads to increased activity levels in young people, but it also offers mental health improvements, such as stress relief, a greater 'sense of self' and positive development of self-esteem. Feelings of pleasure and achievement are also identified as key factors for developing resilience.

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from Mr Ryan

A belated Happy New Year, everyone! We've hit the ground running and lots going on in 2018 already.

10 Jan 18 at 11:00am