Blue Coat Play Beach

beach writingWe are ready to start building our brand new outdoor play space – the Play Beach. This giant sandpit will be situated on the school field, on the opposite side of the fence to the Mud Kitchen. It features 50 tonnes of play sand, grass and wildflower mounds, ‘Beach Hut’ storage, a boardwalk and balance beam, and of course, plenty of buckets and spades!

Beach construction starts on Wednesday 25th May and is expected to take four weeks. We are working with outdoor play specialist Green Play Project.

Sand is hugely valuable in terms of children’s play. It offers open-ended opportunities for creativity and investigation (building, testing, deconstruction, tunneling), and allows for carrying out both gross motor (e.g. digging) and fine motor (e.g. adding features, drawing patterns) activities. Sand play can be carried out on your own or within a group or team. The Play Beach itself will create a new social area. The excavated soil will be used to create protective mounds around the beach, creating additional play features and seating. A large net will cover the sand when the pit is not in use, to prevent any contamination from animal scat.

This special playscape has been funded by grants from the Big Lottery ‘Awards for All’, Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ and the Magnox Socioeconomic fund. Initial fundraising work was carried out through Blue Coat’s PTA, allowing us to lever the extra support from external partners.

Watch this space for updates as the project progresses!


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"Yo Blue Coat! / Yo Wotton!" What an amazing finale for the second iSingPop project! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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