Christian aid week 2016 - creating a coin work

DSCN2917Last week, a wiggly art installation was created on the school playground as Blue Coat children and families took part in a fun fundraising event, in support of Christian Aid Week.
You may be thinking 'Why a worm?'
Families living in Bangladesh face the challenges of livng on islands in the middle of a river. Flooding is a regular occurrence and Christian Aid have already started to help families adapt to the problems by raising their houses and giving them seeds and worms so that they can grow more food.

Piggy banks were raided and pocket money brought in. The children had lots of fun placing their coins with care. Many thanks to all that took part, donating coins and also helping to collect them all up at the end of the day.

UPDATE! - our 100 metre worm raised £342.00! This is enough to change the life of a whole family living on an island in Bangladesh. 
Well done everyone, and especially to Mrs Blaken for leading the initiative.

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from Mr Ryan

"Yo Blue Coat! / Yo Wotton!" What an amazing finale for the second iSingPop project! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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