Adventures in bubble wrap

DSCN1723Recycled and scrap materials now feature heavily on the playground as items that the children can choose for play. This means that alongside the rackets, balls, and Duplo you will find second-hand pans, unwanted suitcases, recycled dressing-up clothes and keyboards that would have been otherwise heading for land-fill. This successful approach of 'Low cost - High value' means that we can offer the children a huge variety of materials without breaking the bank. All items are checked for suitability before play. Many thanks to all who have made scrap donations.

Today, we were lucky to receive a donation of a large roll of scrap bubble wrap from a Blue Coat grandparent. It only lasted for one break - but it generated a huge amount of fun and activity. Please take a look at the slideshow below.

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done to all of this week's Star Achievers. See them in the 'Hall of Fame' (pink menu)

28 Sep 18 at 3:21pm