Autumn antics

DSCN1624Autumn term 2 is underway, bringing with it fallen leaves, rain and a bit of mud! Children are helped with the change in season with reminders for coats and jumpers, hand-washing before lunch and before returning to the classroom, and shoe-wiping on the door mats. The new drainage channels on the Infant Playground seem to be working well, so we have seen none of the flooding or silty puddles that we had last year.
You will have received a Parentmail about a new family event on Sunday 29th November. We will be planting our own mini orchard on the school field, plus other tree saplings, spring bulbs, and doing other fun, outdoor activities. The event is kindly supported by grants and donations from The Tree Council (fruit trees), the Woodland Trust (saplings) and Thompson and Morgan (bulbs). All are welcome - put the date in your diary!

Here is a 'window to the playground' slideshow, giving you an idea of what the children have been up to so far this term.

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done to all of this week's Star Achievers. See them in the 'Hall of Fame' (pink menu)

28 Sep 18 at 3:21pm