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Our Star Achievers...

Each week teachers are on the lookout for a Star Achiever in their class. So, how do they decide? A Star Achiever stands out as someone who has shown that they are becoming a more effective learner...

The focus isn't on being better than the rest but being the best that you can be. Determination and effort are key contributors to the selection of a Star Achiever, rather than natural talent or flair. Teachers consider which children have demonstrated significant improvements in being Resourceful, Resilient, Reflective and how they've developed Relationships in becoming a better learner. These are key attributes/behaviours that we seek in all of our learners. 

From February 2015 (Week 9 onwards), we decided to add 'Play Stars' to our Achiever celebrations. The last 2 pictures of each slideshow identifies a Key Stage 1 and a Key Stage 2 child who have been stars as agreed by our Play Team. These are children who enact and promote our core Christian values for the benefit of others whilst engaging in creative and exciting play at break times. 

So, who's managed it this week?


Our Star Achiever archive of previous weeks can be found here

Every Day Counts: Star Attenders

At Blue Coat, we believe that it is important to recognise the importance of good attendance of school. When children are in school then they are learning. We celebrate those classes where this ethic is strong.

Every Friday afternoon, our Attendance Officer works tirelessly to tally up the attendance figures for every class and come up with that all important figure out of 100%. The highest attending 3 classes are congratulated but the winning class is rewarded with a Star Attender point. A class collecting 3 of these points throughout the year equates to a non-school uniform day on a day of their choice.

So, who are our current Star Attenders? 

At the end of the 2014/15 academic year, nearly all classes had achieved at least 1 non-school uniform day due to collecting at least 3 Star Attender points throughout the year. Well done to everyone!

In 2016-17...

2017 06 30 02.25.57 pm

 And this is how it ended in 2015-16...

2016 07 01 02.30.33 pm


Mathletics is a forward thinking online learning platform for maths that our children use both in school and at home. Children compete against other 'Mathletes' nationally and internationally, as well  as completing personal challenges to improve their best maths scores within topic areas. As they do so they earn points to spend in the  Mathletics shop to customise the appearance of their Mathlete - much like a Mii on the Nintendo Wii. These points also translate into certificates:

  • A Bronze certificate is awarded for earning 1000 points in a week
  • A Silver certificate is awarded once 5 Bronze certificates have been achieved
  • A Gold certificate is awarded once children have achieved 4 Silver certificates

So, earning a Gold certificate is a big achievement at Blue Coat as children have applied their learning behaviours consistently over several months.

We will celebrate our Gold Computer Room Residents here every time a Gold certificate has been achieved. Watch this space for our successful learners and a sneak peak at their self-designed Mathlete!

Our Gold Computer Room Residents of 2016/17 (since Sept 2016):

Over 2015/16, we are proud to reveal that we had 50 entrants in the Gold Computer Room, from Year 1 through to Year 6. 

Moreover, we had 12 double entrants - those achieving 2 Gold Certificates in the year! They were:

  • Daisy Taylor (Y3)
  • Polly B (Y3)
  • Matthew P (Y3)
  • Isabella Y (Y4)
  • Archie C (Y6)
  • Lucy T (Y5)
  • Heidi J (Y3)
  • Harry C (Y3)
  • Bethany Y (Y4)
  • Ben P (Y5)
  • Angharad T (Y2)
  • Gryff T (Y1)

Great perseverance, commitment and responsibility was shown by everyone - well done! Best of luck for 2016/17...

This year, 2016/17, welcomes the following entrants to our Gold Computer Room:

AbiDAbi D, Y5                   

DanBDan B, Y6                  AngTmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartAngharad T, Y3

ZachPZach P, Y3                  NKmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartNatty K, Y2

LYmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartLexi Y, Y2            ADArthur D, Y5

IMIsabel M, Y5              BeABethan A, Y3

PDmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartPatrick D, Y3             AAAled A, Y5

TWTheo W, Y5               IYmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartIsabella Y, Y5

BYmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartBethany Y, Y4     ECErin C, Y6

EuAthird placing ribbon 187149Euan A, Y6          TETom E, Y6

CJConnie J, Y6               HaCmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartHarry C, Y4

FDFreya D, Y4                PEPenny E, Y4

JMJenny M, Y4               AbiSmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartAbi S, Y4

PWPatrick W, Y6             LTmorristown s treasured businesses winners announced ztqlYV clipartLucy T, Y6

PBPolly B, Y4                 JJJosh J, Y6

HJHeidi J, Y4                 GTGruffydd T, Y2

SSSophie S, Y6             TMTor M, Y5

DGDaniel G, Y6             SWiSam W, Y1

GPGavin P, Y3                NGNatalyia G, Y4

HAHetty A, Y4               LiYLibby Y, Y5

MPMatthew P, Y4           DTDaisy T, Y4

 LWLily W, Y3                  AbStAbi S, Y2

EmHEmma H, Y5






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Farewell, Year 6 - you've been an amazing part of our school family. Have a great summer break, everyone!

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