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18 Jul 2014 02:51pm

IMG 0655Today's celebration worship was a memorable one as England Rugby International, Ben Morgan, decided to drop in and meet our pupils! 

Milepost 2's topic has culminated in a Blue Coat Sports Award shows where sporting personalities were marketed and then voted for by our children. The excitement gathered momentum as the whole school cheered on their choice personalities in each category. Sadly, Usain Bolt, David Beckham and the England Rugby team were unable to make it... or were they?

11 Jul 2014 01:16pm

P7110727Today we held another one of our Big Breakfast events so that our school community could get together once again over the most important meal of the day. The turnout, as always, was fantastic as Key Stage 2 families continued to show the longstanding support for the occasion.

07 Jul 2014 12:03pm

img-thingThis morning, Key Stage 2 pupils took part in a district Swimming Gala attended by 6 schools at Dursley Pool. Blue Coat has previous form in this sporting event so anticipation was high...

06 Jul 2014 12:39pm

glos dioceseFollowing the school's successful SIAMS inspection outcome, we had our annual visit by the Bishop's Visitor last week. This is an opportunity designed to celebrate the ongoing work church schools are doing with regard to the development of their Christian distinctiveness and ethos. 

30 Jun 2014 08:49am

photo-151The school was recently inspected under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools (SIAMS) framework. The purpose of this inspection is to evaluate the school's Christian 'distinctiveness and effectiveness'. In doing so, the one-day inspection involved a broad cross-section of stakeholders being met to give their views, school achievement data scrutinised, teaching and collective worship observed, leaders interviewed... all with the intention of determining to what degree Blue Coat is having a (positive) impact on its school community, in particular the impact of our core Christian values.

30 Jun 2014 08:11am

2014-06-30 09.09.58 amLast Wednesday, Blue Coat key stage 2 pupils took to the KLB sports field determined to win their races during an evening of district athletics. Races ranged from 400m through to sack races and relays. It was an evening of non-stop track events that saw us compete against other local 'large schools' of Wickwar (Alexander Hosea) Primary School and The British School.

19 Jun 2014 02:13pm

IMG 0458The morning's sun-baked affair was followed by a sizzling Key Stage 1 take on Sports Day. The key focus here is on the children feeling competent and confident to try a broad range of activities and to challenge themselves to persevere.

19 Jun 2014 12:17pm

IMG 0330Blue Coat Sports Day this year was blessed with the presence of the Sun - and what a difference it made to the atmosphere! Following the school's traditional format of a team carousel points accumulator and then a series of competitive races, the morning meant that no one was sat still as a spectator for long.

30 Apr 2014 01:42pm

archersLast Thursday a team of Milepost 3 Blue Coat archers were selected to take part in the District heat of an archery competition held at KLB.

Many had never set their hands on a bow before let alone fired one! Nonetheless, we pride ourselves in resilient and resourceful learners at Blue Coat and it didn't take long for many to hit the central regions of the target board.

04 Apr 2014 08:50am

BC 11 of 122Our child musicians, Mrs Galvin and Mrs Moir held a well-attended Easter concert for parents in the school hall last night. Following on from previous years' formats, it was a casual 'drop-in-drop-out' affair with the added drawcard of samples from Key Stage 2 home learning also being on display around the hall.

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from Mr Ryan

A big 'thank you' to the parents from Saturday's World Challenge quiz night for clearing our school paths!

05 Mar 18 at 9:17am