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27 Apr 2015 01:09pm

2015-04-27 02.10.48 pmThere aren't enough verses of the song to reflect the number of people who 'went to mow a meadow' on Saturday At Blue Coat! In fact, there wasn't even any mowing taking place; instead, families and staff gathered just to enjoy the school's outdoors and what it has to offer.

26 Mar 2015 05:59pm

IMG 2719Whether you've been taught by him, greeted by him, spoken to him or worked with him, everyone in the Blue Coat community knows Mr Clements. He's had a remarkable career at Blue Coat stemming, *ahem*, 'a number' of years - starting as a Teaching Assistant and leaving as a Headteacher in his own right.

Today, in the school hall, we got to say 'thank you' and 'farewell' as Mr Clements leaves Class Drake and Blue Coat to start his exciting career as captain of the Sharpness Primary School ship. The occasion was marked by some rather amusing photos (captured below) from over the years followed by pupils and staff sharing some of their fondest memories.

20 Mar 2015 11:34am

77351 1The media has been buzzing with the event of a rare solar eclipse hitting the UK today. Not being ones to miss out on the action, Key Stage 2 classes took to the playgrounds to witness the episode through the safety of viewing spectacles, pinhole projection and other shadow forming techniques. The coverage was predicted to be about 85% in our region but it didn't affect the children's (and adults'!) curiosity - it did get rather dark!

13 Mar 2015 01:04pm

Comic-Relief-2015-Red-Noses-1Inclement weather couldn't even dampen our spirits on the day where 'FUNNY = MONEY". Our children smiled their way through the rain clouds this morning to set up shop in the school hall at short notice and raise money for Comic Relief. 

Funny faces was the theme, of which there were plenty! Our children got creative with make-up, hair dye/styles/accessories and all sorts of props to raise smiles whilst raising cash for the good cause.

12 Mar 2015 10:53am

k16907151As you are probably aware from media coverage and previous correspondence, September 2014 saw the introduction of a new National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. We have been and continue to work hard to fully implement the necessary changes across the school.

New English and Maths curriculum changes have been of high significance and public interest. In authoring the new curriculum, the Education Secretary was keen to ensure that standards in both core subjects were raised significantly by bringing learning from later year groups down into earlier ones. At the same time, National Curriculum Levels were abolished as they now only correspond to the assessment of the previous National Curriculum. Both changes continue to present a number of issues for state schools nationally but, most immediately, they have a significant impact on the current assessment of pupil achievement.

05 Mar 2015 10:29am

World Book Day logoToday is World Book Day across the UK and our school have booked their place in the celebrations.

We started with an assembly/parade in the hall where, upon popular request of the pupils, teaching staff led a fashion parade of their book character-inspired attire. Milepost 3 classes soon followed all the way down to our Reception learners: the efforts were outstanding! We seemingly had everything from Unicorns to Gangsta Grannies; from Spidermen to Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. 

27 Feb 2015 11:46am

DSCN0341The Blue Coat Mud Kitchen has cooked up further interest in the community, this time by BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Just before morning break, the radio crew arrived on site prepared with broadcasting van to go live from our playground. The crew were suitably impressed by the new facility and commented on the levels of enjoyment observed amongst our children. 

23 Feb 2015 11:22am

DSCN03072A secret excitedness built over the half-term holidays whist a cunning plan was hatched for Blue Coat play. Mrs Murray, the school's Play Co-ordinator, has spent several weeks planning and organising a whole new play zone on the school's site entitled 'The Mud Kitchen'. With the help of a staunch following of volunteers the concept became a reality over the holidays and today The Mud Kitchen opened to the delight of our children! (The pictures below capture some of the action).

02 Feb 2015 01:54pm

IMG 7586'Generosity' is our Christian value in focus this term and the children have been reflecting on what it means and how it impacts on their lives.

As well as collective worship being a daily time for reflection, we also encourage the children to think, reflect or pray at other times during the school day and our corridor reflection space is one such area where this can happen. We've had dozens of children this term from both key stages come to reflect, both individually or with friends. 

07 Jan 2015 09:48am

IMG 7467Patience has been a virtue of our families who have been on the school site over recent months where we have undergone numerous building and restoration projects. However, we hope that the inconvenience has been worth it as, apart from a new roof (not altogether exciting, admittedly!), we also now have a brand new, bespoke outdoor learning shelter for our Reception classes.

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from Mr Ryan

#veryproud of our Year 6 2018 - they achieved some of the best SATs results in the county

17 Dec 18 at 11:15am