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11 Jun 2018 09:37am

DKWhat a fantastic weekend for our first Big Build event!
Working in a new partnership with the master builders from Woodland Tribe and supported by a Tesco Bags of Help grant, 150 children and adults from the Blue Coat community came together to create a giant adventure play sculpture.

Armed with hammers, saws and nails (and the occasional impact driver) and with a healthy dollop of imagination, enthusiam, creativity and energy, the team worked together to reimagine and reshape a huge pile of loose scrap wood and co-create a unique play ark. It had several names throughout the process but I think we settled on the ss Great Blue Banana!

01 Apr 2018 05:34pm

2018 04 23 06.36.35 pmThis weekend, around 90 parents and pupils descended upon the school field  for a Play and Wildlife flowers event. Intended to be a relaxed occasion to enjoy the school field and its play opportunities, families took to planting a wildflower labyrinth (to accompany our daffodil one!) whilst finding an excuse to have fun in the Blue Coat play beach, dengineering zone, the slack line, and accompanying areas. There was even time to have fun with bubbles, clay... and biscuits with hot chocolate!

13 Mar 2018 03:33pm

1odnLKGA 400x400Each year, the Bishop's Visitor (Mrs Butler) visits our school to identify and celebrate the ways in which the school is developing its (Christian) ethos. This usually results in a visit that tries to take in a number of aspects of school life to give as wide a perspective as possible.

The recent visit saw Mrs Butler experience lunchtime (Platinum!) play at Blue Coat, visit Religious Education lessons in both Key Stages, attend collective worship and the 'Ignite' after-school club, as well as meeting to talk with school leaders.

15 Dec 2017 12:00pm

tree 58580edc3df78ce2c391cee3Our playground has been a very busy place over the past 24 hours. We've not only had Christmas trees being festively dressed by the children... we've also had a visit from the big man himself!

Children were overjoyed that the PTA helpers (- thank you!) had managed to lasso Santa from his busy duties abroad to pay Blue Coat pupils a visit. They even managed some early unwrapping to try out their new gifts - fancy play equipment for break times!

13 Dec 2017 09:53am

snow walk 2As we live out the last days of 2017 in school, there's still time to show the contrast in life at school...

On one hand, the children (with weliies in school) have been outside enjoying the weather on our school field, feeling the crunch of snow under their feet.

Whereas in school, the milepost 2 children led their own spiritual service for Christingle in the school hall. Classes from across the school visited throughout the afternoon and soaked up the atmosphere to remember the essence of our celebrations in school.

31 Oct 2017 02:54pm

tokenWe are pleased to announce that Blue Coat is through to the voting stage for 2 funded projects for outdoor play, and so we're asking for your support

  1. The Big Build - Tesco Bags of Help
  2. Healthy Hearts through Active Play - Aviva Community Fund

Here are the details:

20 Oct 2017 09:46am

P9260865Earlier in the term, such is Blue Coat tradition, we formally welcomed new Reception pupils (and parents) into the school family by means of a service at St Mary's church.

Always promised to be a special occasion, the event also served to cement the  special bond between Reception children and their Year 6 buddy/buddies. To symbolise this the Year 6's all presented their buddy with a bespoke painted pebble that they had prepared for them. This was ceremoniously placed around the school's Holy Candle to remind us of our responsibilities to live out our core Christian values for the sake of all, but especially to the benefit of the youngest members of our school family.

20 Oct 2017 08:59am

2017 10 20 10.00.20 amWe were, once again, encouraged by the support for what is now our annual Maths meeting for parents. 'Masters of Maths' sets out to uncover the thinking behind the new maths curriculum, its implications for our learners, what the school is doing about it, and how parents can support.

Mathematics is a rapidly evolving subject at Blue Coat and we have taken several very significant steps already this year in training our teaching staff to meet the challenges of nurturing future ready mathematical thinkers in our classes. 

13 Oct 2017 09:43am
free play clipart 2It's been just over three years since we launched ourselves in to our Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) journey, and what an exciting and eventful three years it has been! Our practice and our spaces have undergone change with play in mind, with ambitious plans and decision-making driven by the Blue Coat pupils.
Strongly supporting our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Creativity and Happiness we are proud to be an OPAL Platinum school!
With 50 tonnes of sand, truck loads of scrap, a generous dollop of mud and a sprinkling of grants and awards, we have found a recipe for increasing choice, activity levels, creative opportunities and happiness for our pupils at play.
The newsletter below summarises some of our projects and ideas, and also highlights some of the exciting plans we have coming up.
03 Oct 2017 09:56am

secretlondon wizard s hat clip art 22678Following on from the success of this very well attended event last academic year, we have decided to hold another Maths Meeting for Parents. In addition to covering a fraction of the content from last time, we hope to multiply the value of the meeting by dedicating a good measure to how parents can support at home.

The school is adopting a new approach to Maths home learning, having decided that Mathletics is perhaps not the best equation for future-proofing our pupils. We would like to support parents by advising them on what they can do to help ensure that their child understands and enjoys Maths, growing exponentially in confidence as they do so.

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from Mr Ryan

Think of our Year 6 boys tonight as they challenge for the Riddiford Shield at KLB!

10 Feb 20 at 10:29am