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24 Sep 2011 10:07am

Whilst walking around the school yesterday afternoon, this impressionist painting (left side!) by Esme, Year 5, Class China really grabbed my attention.

I think it really illustrates the power of The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in terms of developing more opportunities for children to shine in more ways. The teaching of Art at Blue Coat is just as good as it ever has been owing to the skilled teachers we have, but it's the depth that pupils like Esme can explore subjects that seems to make the difference and inspire them. I can't wait to see more children achieving in the way Esme has here within Geography, History, Music, PE etc...

21 Sep 2011 10:52am

Our Key Stage 2 classes have risen to the challenge set by Under The Edge Arts (UTEA) to participate in a postcard exhibition. The fundraising event for UTEA will work by all postcards being exhibited and then auctioned off to the highest bidder in each case. Bids start from just £1 and a wealth of entries from the local areas will be present.

19 Sep 2011 06:44pm

As you might have seen in our newsletter, we have made a public plea for professionals to come forward and share their responsibilities with us as part of our reflection of the Christian value of Responsibility.

14 Sep 2011 03:40pm

As you may know, our Christian Value for the autumn term is Responsibility. We have discussed this in collective worship but have now extended the reflection time into other parts of the school day...

In our school corridor you will find a rather splendid palace belonging to a King or a Queen. Within it you might just see a plush, grand, regal-red throne upon which the King or Queen places his/her royal posterior.


13 Sep 2011 01:16pm

Hot on the heels of the Milepost 2 Launch was the Milepost 3 Launch Exhibition. The children's IPC topic, 'They see the world like this', has a strong art theme running through it. The children's learning objective was to express, through a medium of their choice, what it means to be English (their 'home' country in the IPC). Here are just a few of the highlights:


12 Sep 2011 11:50am

Today, Milepost 2 (Years 3 & 4) carried out their very first IPC Launch day.

The purpose of this day is to gather enthusiasm, inspiration and ignite a spark of creativity for their topic related to their host (international) country and/or home (England) country. 

01 Aug 2011 03:59pm

What's happening at Blue Coat this summer? Guess, you'll have to wait until September 5th to find out!


23 Jul 2011 08:01pm

3 performances with over 500 spectators in total. Here are some highlights from this year's Year 6 production: 'A Fairy Tale Fail'...


18 Jul 2011 07:27pm

The Year 6's completed their dress rehearsal of 'A Fairy Tale Fail' to the whole school today and it was a CORKER. Many a laugh was had by the audience and the actors delivered a professional performance.

14 Jul 2011 10:26am

Year 6 were asked to recount their memories... creatively having visited Morfa Bay for 5 days this summer. And they didn't fail to deliver. From Morfa Bay vending machines to zip wires, climbing walls to off-road bike tracks - take a look at their modern day interpretations of the diary...


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Excellent support for both the KS1 last week and KS2 parent meeting this week. Thanks to all attending

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