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18 Oct 2011 06:14pm

This Friday afternoon, we will be making our way to our local church, St Mary's, to hold our annual pupil-only Harvest Festival. In preparation for the event, we have a Harvest Writing Wall in our usual place of reflection. Oranges, reds and pictures of Harvest-associated themes pervade the wall upon which children are asked to write down their:

  • prayers
  • thoughts
  • or poems

related to Harvest time. The most thoughtful and inspiring examples will be read out by children in church on Friday.

18 Oct 2011 10:42am

On this fine and sunny morning we had the pleasure of embarking on a 'Print Hike' in and around Wotton. Our Class Spain and Italy children are desperate to read and write so have been going print mad over the last few weeks, taking pictures of print writing they find at home, talking to people who use writing every day. Here's a preview of what our little group (Jayden, James and Edward) discovered today about writing in the outdoors:

17 Oct 2011 07:19pm

Thanks to the commitment of our Blue Coat parents, we are lucky enough to be running a very popular and successful after-school Design & Technology Club. Their most recent project has been making 'ooglies' in various guises - from Formula-1 drivers through to fully fledged band members! Please take a look at their efforts below.

16 Oct 2011 08:05pm

Friday's Big Breakfast for Key Stage 1 enjoyed a wonderful attendance making a very busy, buzzing morning where large parts of the school community got together and started the day properly. Roll on next Friday for the second leg: Blue Coat's Big Breakfast for Key Stage 2. This time we'll be better prepared for the crowds! A massive thank you to Mrs Hayward and all of the Key Stage 1 teaching staff for their silver service. Thank you parents for showing your continued support for the school.


16 Oct 2011 07:32pm

Previously, we've taken quite a traditional model of showing prospective parents around the school with the Headteacher on a short tour. Whilst this has some distinct benefits for parents, this year the Senior Leadership Team decided to broaden prospective parents' and pupils' experience of blue Coat by holding open mornings.

The format of the mornings meant that they could meet more teachers and leaders, speak to a group of our seasoned Year 6's, take a look at our new website and resources, peruse Reception learning in books and photos as well as participate in a tour of the school and its grounds. Oh, and there were hot drinks and biscuits too! 

13 Oct 2011 08:20pm

Today, upon walking down to the gate I had some mail from the postmen. Yes, that's right, POSTMEN. There were two of them, to be precise. One was called Evie and the other was named Edwin. Both of them handed me some wonderful envelopes which they'd taken the time to decorate and address.

12 Oct 2011 10:13am

Year 5 Hayden, from Class China, battled through the Blue Coat Spelling Bee heat held by HEART FM to make it through to the regional final. Hear all of the action:


12 Oct 2011 10:08am

You've heard all about it in previous news; now listen to it and see the full photo coverage! Enjoy...


07 Oct 2011 10:55am

On Wednesday, HEART FM came to the school with DJ Warren Moore to hold a Spelling Bee heat for a small selection of our best Year 5&6 spellers. It was a closely fought competition, culminating in a Lillie versus Hayden final. Words like 'artistic', 'favouritism' and 'cultivate' appeared in the Bee, but none of which caused school champion Hayden (Year 5, Class China) to break a sweat. To catch the show and hear our contestants (Lillie, Hayden, Matthew, Oliver, Anna and Sarah) listen in to HEART FM on Tuesday 11th October at 8.20am.

Blogs AHOY

06 Oct 2011 07:19am

You may have noticed that the blogs are starting to spring into life what with some of our Year 5 and 6 children now actively posting comments (not full blog posts yet - watch this space though!) Before letting them loose on the blogs, as a team we discussed how children would remain safe on them whilst being given the opportunity to enjoy and achieve. 

The document below outlines the expectations on teachers and children when using the blogs, with a few handy hints for parents too if they'd like to join in with the fun!

Blogging @ Blue Coat Guidelines for Teacher, Pupils and Parents

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

'Thank you' to all those who attended and made the Open Morning today possible!

07 Nov 17 at 11:55am