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22 Nov 2011 11:11am

As you will appreciate, National Strike Action has been called for on Wednesday 30th November. To see how this affects our school please click the link (paper copies will be going home at the end of school today):

Information on Strike Action for Blue Coat Parents

21 Nov 2011 03:31pm

The Gazette came in a couple of weeks ago to take their annual photo of the Reception cohort. For those parents that missed it here's a couple of quick snaps of your lovelies...

18 Nov 2011 11:22am

Colour and cakes has been the theme so far this morning! A big thank you to all parents donating cakes to be sold for the CIN cause. We'll publish the total raised as soon as it is available.

Due to the generous supply of cakes we will be selling cakes at the end of the school day - so parents please bring your pennies!

Here's a few highlights from the morning's fundraising activities...

11 Nov 2011 11:46am

Key Stage 1 classes - Egypt, South Africa and Kenya - have started a new IPC topic on 'Food'. Having previously visited a cafe during their launch day, they noted all of the successful features of the establishment in order to set up a competitive venture for themselves - McQuigg's watch out! 

08 Nov 2011 07:23pm

Today, Key Stage 1 trekked off to Westonbirt Arboretum for their first school trip of 2011/12. The trip acts as a sensory stimulus for a series of writing projects to be followed up in school over the coming days and weeks, but also complements their IPC topic this term of Food (outside of the children's conventional understanding of it being purely a human need).

07 Nov 2011 11:54am

Very little I can write at this time as it is pending Police and Intelligence Services investigation. The morning in images (watch this space for a Year 5/6 video report update):

04 Nov 2011 04:09pm

We think we do a pretty good job of celebrating the end of the journey through Blue Coat with the Year 6 Leavers' Service. But what about the start of that journey?

Mr Bailey and Mrs Nelson asked that very question and answered it with a Blue Coat first: a Welcome Service for Reception at St Mary's church. The service is an official welcoming of Reception children and their parents to the Blue Coat community.

04 Nov 2011 12:50pm

The Class Assembly has been a popular Blue Coat staple for some years and for that matter will continue into this year. However...

01 Nov 2011 11:59am

Years 5 and 6 started the term with a fizz, pop and a BANG today as they embarked upon a series of 'Awe and Wonder' science experiments involving cola, mints, nail varnish, bleach, vinegar and other household substances. The children took part in a morning of hands-on investigations and watched some highly entertaining experiments conducted by Mr Brooks, Mr Herring and Mr Bailey (only when the dangerous chemicals were being used).

Predicting, hypothesising, recording, interpreting and explaining were just some of the key investigative skills that the children were practising this morning. Take a look at some of the highlights below but please check the class blogs for more in-depth commentaries:

30 Oct 2011 08:58am

Whilst playing around with the ability to add video to the website I managed to find some rare, unseen footage from the Blue Coat archives! Our Wotton trio, 'The Rebellion', is formed of 3 ex-pupils - Hamish K (drums), Archie J (Lead guitar & vocals) and Michael P (Bass guitar & vocals). This talented groups of future rock stars played a short gig at the end of the summer 2011 term to mark the end of their successful journeys at Blue Coat. Just like the guitars, the atmosphere was electric! Enjoy...

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

A belated Happy New Year, everyone! We've hit the ground running and lots going on in 2018 already.

10 Jan 18 at 11:00am