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29 Feb 2012 07:22pm

What could this mean?

Another Blue Coat first - all will be revealed... SOON!

25 Feb 2012 07:49am

At spring parent consultations last year, many parents were kind enough to fill in an annual questionnaire giving us some  very valuable feedback on various aspects of the school from their perspectives. From bullying to pupil wellbeing; sports provision to website - the questionnaire covered most aspects of school life. We published the results of the questionnaire for parents and have spent the past 12 months focusing on the areas where parents believe we could do better.

23 Feb 2012 06:14pm

Today, the Year 5's took part in the KNEX challenge. The children looked at what engineers do and the nature of the construction kits to be used before embarking upon their half-day task. Using construction kits in teams of two, the children had to rise to the challenge of building a form of transport which would be used during the Olympic Games whilst meeting the following criteria:

22 Feb 2012 07:00pm

Yesterday, Shrove Tuesday, the much-anticipated 2012 Blue Coat Pancake Race was held in front of a rapturous crowd of pupils, parents and staff. This hotly contested event is held in high esteem owing to the impressive rewards on offer to the most co-operative, athletically gifted and strategic 2-man team: a pancake mix and the coveted Blue Coat Pancake Prize Trophy. Tensions were high...

18 Feb 2012 07:42am

When designing the website we were keen to bring parents, families and visitors  further 'into' the school from the comfort of their own homes. It quickly became apparent that although Paperhorse were up to the task of designing something bespoke (and undoubtedly impressive), our budget dictated otherwise!

In the meantime, I have been looking for alternative solutions and managed to stumble upon 'Photosynth' as an iPhone app a few months ago. It takes a series of photos as the user pans the landscape and then cleverly stitches the photos together to show a continuous panoramic shot with very few seams. The implications for this seemed apparent: let's show our parents and visitors where the children learn every day. The class assemblies have offered a real-life opportunity for parents to spend time in class but we can always do more, right?

11 Feb 2012 08:33am

Our Milepost 3 classes have all been exploring the field of Animation as part of their IPC topic: Myths and Legends. As well as yielding some of their best writing to date, the topic has lent itself to the children being more creative with ICT. They've all made their own characters, designed storyboards, and independently in small groups brought their stories to life through the use of technology ('I Can Animate' software).

10 Feb 2012 06:57pm

Yes, Blue Coat's Cream Tea event after school today left the staff feeling 'cream crackered': it was that busy! Hordes of parents, grandparents, pupils (current and previous!) and staff convened in the school hall, filling it to bursting point. The event was planned to offer an alternative to the Big Breakfast, affording the school community an opportunity to socialise over refreshments whilst perusing some of the outcomes of the learning that the children have taken part in this term.

09 Feb 2012 11:44am

Mrs Arnold has led the school's cross country after-school club since the autumn term. This has culminated in a series of multi-school weekend events where our children have braved the elements in search of beating their personal bests and their opponents.

07 Feb 2012 10:41am

Last year, I volunteered to be a shortlisting judge in the Chris Evans 500-word story competition for children. I am glad to see that the competition has been run this year too for all children under 14 years of age. As a judge I was afforded a valuable insight as to the quality of writing that is submitted in these types of competitions and it made me think, "Blue Coat children should enter this - we'd be in with a good chance!"

02 Feb 2012 10:53am

Yesterday, our Year 6 'buddies' and their Reception partners met up to make some cakes. The cause? Well, as our Reception classes are enthralled in The 3 Billy Goats Gruff of late then they decided to buy a goat! Although Mr Carlton would welcome the help in keeping the field kempt, this goat would not become a Blue Coat resident but rather would be purchased for people that need it more than we do through Oxfam Unwrapped. This has been a valuable lesson in ethics and the understanding of our planet for the Reception children. In the process, they have been made to feel proud of helping others in some small, but not insignificant, way. 

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#veryproud of our Year 6 2018 - they achieved some of the best SATs results in the county

17 Dec 18 at 11:15am