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09 Feb 2012 11:44am

Mrs Arnold has led the school's cross country after-school club since the autumn term. This has culminated in a series of multi-school weekend events where our children have braved the elements in search of beating their personal bests and their opponents.

07 Feb 2012 10:41am

Last year, I volunteered to be a shortlisting judge in the Chris Evans 500-word story competition for children. I am glad to see that the competition has been run this year too for all children under 14 years of age. As a judge I was afforded a valuable insight as to the quality of writing that is submitted in these types of competitions and it made me think, "Blue Coat children should enter this - we'd be in with a good chance!"

02 Feb 2012 10:53am

Yesterday, our Year 6 'buddies' and their Reception partners met up to make some cakes. The cause? Well, as our Reception classes are enthralled in The 3 Billy Goats Gruff of late then they decided to buy a goat! Although Mr Carlton would welcome the help in keeping the field kempt, this goat would not become a Blue Coat resident but rather would be purchased for people that need it more than we do through Oxfam Unwrapped. This has been a valuable lesson in ethics and the understanding of our planet for the Reception children. In the process, they have been made to feel proud of helping others in some small, but not insignificant, way. 

20 Jan 2012 04:40pm

Reception have been busy learning about the Chinese New Year and celebrated it in style (early) with their trusty Year 6 buddies on Thursday afternoon. Time was spent singing songs, exchanging Chinese pleasantries and fortune cookies and then culminating in this grand finale performance (we're not sure who had more fun: the children or Mrs Nelson and Mrs Moir?). Enjoy and Gung hay fat choy!

18 Jan 2012 08:57am

The PTA supported the school significantly last year by investing in several of the Oxford University Press reading schemes from Reception to Year 6. The other day I stumbled upon a series of ebooks taken from the range. The ebooks also support independent reading as they have an audiobook feature and provide a nice alternative to print every once in a while [Note: due to the requirement of Flash Player, these sadly won't work on iPads!]

The content of this scheme is very current and appeals to many children's interests (I particularly recommend the 'Treetops' graphic novels that begin in Years 3 and 4). The ebooks can be filtered by book type and series on the Oxford Owl website.

Top Trumped!

17 Jan 2012 05:07pm

After school today, Mr Herring came into my office beaming from ear to ear, looking rather pleased with himself. He confidently placed a large pack of cards on my desk before folding his arms with pride. This wasn't just any pack of cards... this deck of Top Trump cards had been lovingly crafted by his pupils in Class India and, it must be said, the results are pretty impressive.

12 Jan 2012 08:06pm

This week Blue Coat's first Writing Wall went live on the website. This feature is intended to raise the profile of writing in school by capturing the very best writing on the class blogs. Now that our Year 5 and 6 children have the freedom to author their very own posts (rather than just commenting), and with Years 3 and 4 accounts to be added in the coming days, it seemed like a natural time to add this celebration feature to the site.

10 Jan 2012 11:36am

This morning, Class Egypt and I walked to St Mary's church to participate in 'Experience Epiphany'. The event was organised to afford our children the experience of this (lesser known, for our children) event in the Christian calendar. Through a carousel of activities, dramatisation, song and prayer the children learnt all about the journey of the 3 kings in order to see and bear gifts to the son of God, Jesus Christ.

06 Jan 2012 01:35pm

Milepost 3 launched their Myths and Legends topic today by dressing up as famous icons from the aforementioned (determined through research on the class blogs - check here!). They then took part in a series of activities ranging from calligraphy lessons (in place of handwriting), tallest Trojan horse building challenges (in place of Maths), medieval themed pub quizzes (in place of Guided Reading) and also some 3-D art recreating their favourite icons. The children had a fantastic time thanks to the imaginations and commitment of our Milepost 3 teaching team. 'Mead all round drinketh thee' (Mr Bailey's paying though)!

See what they got up to...


06 Jan 2012 01:03pm

Milepost 1 enjoyed their topic launch today related to 'Transport'. Happy holidaymakers dragged jampacked suitcases up the school drive and into Blue Coat airport at the start of school this morning, in search of sun, sea, sand and sangria. They weren't disappointed (apart from the sangria!) Our dedicated Key Stage 1 teaching team brought the airport experience to life: from luggage carousels to passport control; departure lounges through to in-flight movies ('Cars', quite appropriately!)

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Thank you to all those who were involved in Saturday's Flowers and Play event. See photos in the News section...

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