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26 Mar 2012 01:18pm

It's here again! Our PTA open their annual competition to eager-eyed Infants and Juniors, encouraging them to peer in Wotton shop windows to look for cartoon characters or 'odd-one-out' items. Read the PTA section to find out more details...

In addition, the PTA will be holding a Second Hand Uniform Sale after school on Tuesday 27th March and before school on Wednesday 28th March. Weather permitting the sale will take place in front of the school hall. If you have any uniform items you wish to donate to the sale, please leave them with the school office before Tuesday 27th March.

26 Mar 2012 08:10am

Last year we held a community information evening focused on children's spelling. Parents were subsequently given a Home Support Pack outlining expectations for spelling by year group (from Reception to Year 6), resources, keywords, games and tips on how to support your child at home with this key skill. 

20 Mar 2012 07:04pm

What wonderful weather to start spring! We hope everyone had a good time. Here are some memories of the after-show party from 3pm onwards. Please check class blogs for photos taken during the day.

Congratulations to 'Marg' Fowles for winning the raffle prize of a trip for 2 to Tamworth Snow Dome!

20 Mar 2012 10:34am

Sun, snow and skates: the first group of the day, Class Italy, took to the ice first thing this morning, desperate to show off their skills. Of course, in the interests of Health and Safety, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Clarke and myself had to also make sure that the ice was safe and skate-worthy (in fact the Reception children were remarkable stabilisers for some very shaky teachers who hadn't taken to this ice since they were early teens!). Here's a few early highlights...

19 Mar 2012 07:45pm

At 3.45 this afternoon, a team of men in a lorry descended on to the Blue Coat school site... all in the name of 'Blue Toes'. Check out the candid shots below.

The shelter in the background will be our very own 'skate exchange' stall! We're all very excited and anticipation is building for a fun day. Let's hope the weather holds out! At the very least, we're guaranteed SNOW...

15 Mar 2012 08:00pm

This week's newsletter reveals the 2012 Parent Questionnaire results but for those who haven't seen them then they are captured below.

14 Mar 2012 10:02am

Today our library has a certain degree of comfort and 'Britishness' about it - very fitting for a school that uses the International Primary Curriculum. This is due to a rather splendid set of bean bags that the PTA have bought for the school through their continued and committed fundraising efforts. We think the bags look great. Shortly, they'll be accompanied by some plump, oversized cushions to make this revived part of the school even more welcoming and comfortable for our child readers. 

12 Mar 2012 06:55pm

In the words of many a rapper, today in school we were "droppin' science" [Translation: do something original, unique] thanks to the inspiration of Mr Bailey and his dedicated team of scientists and engineers (headed by Mrs Alliston, Mrs Harper and Mrs Pullin).

09 Mar 2012 03:17pm

On only Monday, the school turns its hands to everything Science and Engineering. Parent helpers have been invited, secondary pupils are being parachuted in for back-up, and trained scientists and engineers will be working with teachers to inspire our children to co-operate, collaborate and create some brilliant inventions.

09 Mar 2012 09:08am

A huge 'thank you' to all parents who took the time to fill out parent questionnaires over the past 2 evenings at consultation meetings. As shown by the photo below, we had a very good response rate! I will collate results and then publish percentages in each category so that you, our parents, can see where popular opinion lies. Already, just from skimming the forms, the feedback has shown that there are some strong themes for us to focus on over the coming days, weeks and months. Watch this space...

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Welcome back, everyone! Today we kicked off with a new Christian value of focus this term: Courage.

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