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04 Oct 2012 09:08am

puddingOn Monday, you are cordially invited to the Parent and Teacher Association Annual General Meeting. Here is your invitation.

Consider yourself officially bribed by the selection of puddings on offer! We hope to see as many parents as possible at this informal social event where you'll get to learn more about what our PTA do, what their achievements have been and how they intend to support the school in this critical climate of school budget cutting. 

Please turn up and show your support for our treasured PTA!

29 Sep 2012 10:32am

IMG 3909If you've spent any time in Blue Coat classrooms then you might have seen our 'Learning Walls'. Unlike some of the more visually polished displays around the school, these wall displays are intended to be adhoc and transient so as to support current learning for the children by the inclusion of learning prompts, resources, key questions/symbols/images/vocabulary, references to previous learning and lots more things that the teachers and pupils dream up to support learning in class.

I did a quick camera tour to show you what learning is taking place in classes throughout the school...

21 Sep 2012 12:10pm

star3 weeks in and already teachers are finding it difficult to choose just one Star Achiever - some have chosen several this week. Well done to all of our Star Achievers for the behaviours, attitudes, and skills that enable you to be fantastic learners and responsible citizens of our school!

14 Sep 2012 09:07am

M5925 ShootingStarSSCongratulations to this week's Star Achievers! We also have a couple of pupils who have beavered away on Mathletics over the summer to snag their first GOLD certificates of the year - well done! They are the first entrants into our Gold Computer Room in the Hall of Fame.

08 Sep 2012 11:51am

tn-screen-captureThose of you who haven't seen the website's Hall of Fame, or are lucky to get so much as a muffled grunt when you ask the question "How was school today?", might not know what we're talking about when it comes to Blue Coat's Star Achievers. Let us clarify things...

21 Jun 2012 10:23am

Today, Cam Hopton Primary School kindly invited Blue Coat Pupils to a Year 6 Debate competition centred on the topical issue of 'Is Technology Bad for You?'

As Year 6 enjoy the fruits that Morfa Bay has to offer, we asked for some flexibility when considering whether a selection of our articulate Year 5's could represent the school. Thankfully Leo, Anna and Emily were able to step up to the podium today, rubbing shoulders with some heavyweight Year 6 counterparts who are currently in their 'sunset days' of primary school.

19 Jun 2012 03:27pm

Many parents made their way into school before half-term to peruse the class museums we set up of each decade of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee reign of 60 years. The children researched and created a number of artefacts and artworks in finding out about the decade before presenting their findings to parents and pupils across the school.

18 Jun 2012 07:08pm

Dear Mums and Dads...

18 Jun 2012 09:05am

We're all very proud of the Blue Coat class blogs. The effort and creativity that our children put into posting on them has brought them to life ever since teachers have worked hard to bring them into the fore of homework and literacy, in particular.

So, it made me especially proud to have been contacted by David Smith - a presenter for BBC Gloucestershire Radio. He has been running a feature programme on blogging and looking at their versatility and uses within the Gloucestershire region. Through use of Google search engines he embarked upon the school's website - high praise indeed when considering the number of people who are blogging these days!

18 Jun 2012 08:32am

Last Friday, the hall filled with Olympic teams representing nations from each continent. Why? It was Blue Coat's very own Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Each class presented a short cultural display from their country to give us all a flavour of the participant nations in the Blue Coat Olympics. We had hat dancing to hakas; sports displays to oriental dragons! The atmosphere was electric and it was amazing to see such variety and creativity in how each country had chosen to represent itself before its competitors.

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from Mr Ryan

We observed Remembrance in school worship yesterday, following on from Class Taibei's brilliant, thought provoking worship last Friday.

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