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15 Mar 2013 03:38pm

clownAs part of Milepost 1's IPC unit focused on the circus, and with a convenient tie-in with Comic Relief, we were lucky enough to secure Thomas Trilby as Blue Coat's clown for the day. He spent most of the day training our younger children in circus skills and then finished with a grand finale for the entire school featuring juggling, diablo, spinning plates, unicycles and plenty of crowd participation (not all of which was welcomed - see final slides!)

What a Relief!

15 Mar 2013 11:48am

comicreliefOur Milepost 3 children are completely committed to making each Comic Relief or Children In Need the best it can be for Blue Coat's younger pupils. This year was no exception. Armed with wacky hair(!), cakes, maps, toy guns, costumes, bins of paper, sweet machines and much more they took to fundraising in the playgrounds for the charity at break time. 

09 Mar 2013 01:22pm

idea 2I love it when our pupils show initiative.

As you're aware, Comic Relief is fast approaching (Friday) and Blue Coat always holds a series of fundraising opportunities to contribute to this worthy cause.

It never fails to bring out the best in our pupils as they rack their brains for ever more creative ways of convincing each other to part with their cash for charity.

Most recently, Ben from Class China took the initiative to go straight to the top by using the website's contact form to email me. Here's what he wrote:

22 Feb 2013 11:52am

breakfastBlue Coat's Big Breakfast remains true to its name: BIG - as much for the crowds of supporting families  as well as the breakfast itself! The calendar staple gives our community an opportunity to socialise and peruse the childen's recent learning whilst starting the day with the most important meal. 

A humble 'thank you' to all in attendance: parents, staff, Mrs Haywood and her team. We will inform you once the return leg is scheduled for Key Stage 2. Here are some highlights from today's event:

21 Feb 2013 01:49pm

SickThe Health Protection Agency have released a memo to Gloucestershire schools outlining concerns of recent trends in measles infection in the locality. This is available for you to view in its entirety below but at the very least please could parents be watchful of some of the common symptoms:

09 Feb 2013 07:30pm

DSCN0365Our playtimes at Blue Coat are 'fine' - but that's just the problem. Children largely entertain themselves and we've identified that we should be doing more to make these times more engaging socially and physically for the children whilst injecting a big dose of fun into the mix. 

01 Feb 2013 09:15am

IMG 4319Last night Blue Coat held its first vision setting meeting in recent memory. This essential part of the consultation process saw a healthy turnout of around 60 parents and members of the wider school community who were personally invited to attend. Also in attendance were teachers, school governors, PTA members and the school's leadership team who hosted the event. 

2020 Vision?

24 Jan 2013 12:03pm

visionNext Thursday evening, 31st January, the school cordially invites you to have your say in Blue Coat's vision for 2020 and beyond! We will be contemplating current and future world trends as well as hearing (and seeing!) what the children's vision for their school is.

The meeting should be a positive opportunity for all stakeholders from our extended community to discuss what they believe is most important in making Blue Coat the best possible school it can be for our pupils.  

If you are able to attend for some or all of the meeting then please take this unique opportunity to have your say next Thursday from 7-8.30pm in the school hall. We look forward to seeing you there!

17 Jan 2013 10:13am

shoveling-snow-2-clipartThe Met Office have updated the Friday forecast to an Amber Warning of snow.  The warning now takes effect from 4am on Friday morning and reads:

"As the weather breaks down, an area of snow looks increasingly likely to spread from the southwest. Winds will strengthen and blizzard conditions are likely, especially over high ground. Accumulations of more than 10-15 cm of snow could well occur quite widely, with the risk of 25 cm or more over high ground."

Clearly there is the potential for some severe disruption, and we will be following advice in watching for updates to this warning. Disruption is predicted to be looking increasingly likely as we move nearer to Friday.

16 Jan 2013 11:09am

imagesIn a recent newsletter I alluded to the fact that we are always trying to find ever more effective ways of improving the quality of learning in lessons at Blue Coat. We do this with a relentless focus on how we teach our children.

Our recent development in this area can be quite neatly summarised in terms of this photo of a recent display created by the school's leadership team.

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done to all of this week's Star Achievers. See them in the 'Hall of Fame' (pink menu)

28 Sep 18 at 3:21pm