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07 Nov 2013 07:39pm

question-time-300x200If you've managed to make your way through our Essentials section (denoted by the 'E' icon in the top left menu) then you may have found that we have a page called 'I'm a Parent: Help Me Out Here!' 

This section hopes to address the must-know information that parents want and need, as far as we can in a single page! It is not definitive but tries to give a reasonable overview of the main areas. 

The last section of the page tries to mop up any remaining questions in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have an FAQ then please would you submit it via our contact icon in the top right menu. I will then add answers to questions to the parent section and also drip them into newsletters over the coming months for wider readership.

So, if there's a question you'd like the Headteacher to answer (that you think he might be ABLE to answer!) for the benefit of all Blue Coat parents then now's your chance! 

04 Nov 2013 07:40pm

essentials2By now, we hope that you've had the opportunity to surf the new site and take in all of the 'newness'! So, besides the new look, what else is going on? Let's take a look:

03 Nov 2013 04:52pm

parentviewWe're calling upon all parents to have their say about Blue Coat, for the benefit of the school, existing parents, future parents and, of course, Ofsted!

Parent View is an Ofsted website dedicated to parents submitting their opinion of their child's school. It looks at 12 areas such as Teaching, Safety, Behaviour and whether you'd recommend the school to other parents. The results are key in telling us where we're getting things right and what we should be looking at as a priority.

Results are taken into consideration by Ofsted during the inspection of schools. Once enough parents have submitted their views then these will be publicly viewable. Parents can also search parents' views of other schools.

As we're not parents then we don't know huge amounts about what is involved but we do know that it is quick, requires an email address, and multiple submissions can be made by parents to allow for a change of views.

If you could find time to fill in the quick survey then we'd be most grateful. Thank you. 

04 Jul 2013 11:33am

arenaRehearsals are frantically upon us as Year 6 prepare for their showpiece summer production. Based loosely on the 'Hunger Games', by popular request of the pupils, this year's show is entitled 'Defeat the Arena' and takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where entertainment has regressed to a more gladiatorial format!

As well as the children's preparation being under way, we have been busy as a staff in making the necessary arrangements to prepare a quality production that best highlights our children's talents. This does, however, come at a cost! As such, if parents are able and want to make a donation to the running costs (theatre kit hire, backdrops etc) on the night of the performance it will be very much appreciated.

Performances take place at 7pm on Monday 15th July and Tuesday 16th July. Multiple tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis for both performances. All are welcome - family, friends or those just interested! Please collect your tickets from the school office or send your request in a sealed envelope with your child.

Good Sports!

12 Jun 2013 08:55am

IMG 8382On Thursday 6th June, Blue Coat proudly held its umpteenth sports day. The format has been tweaked over recent years to ensure that the children in Key Stage 2 compete for points as a team in a circuit of activities and then individually in a more traditionally competitive race format. In Key Stage 1, we plan for the children to experience a large number of self-competitive challenges, preparing them for the hybrid approach adopted in Key Stage 2. This format was agreed in consultation with our school councils over recent years and the children love it.

20 May 2013 08:18am

the-voice-360A dreary morning brightened by warming news. When opening the school email inbox I was very proud to read the following achievements of our key stage 2 children - well done to you all!

17 May 2013 06:56am

11654751-cartoon-clown-in-circus-tent--vector-illustrationTomorrow sees the circus themed May Festival 2013 hit Blue Coat. Organised and delivered by our devoted PTA, the day promises to be an action-packed, fun-filled event with something for all of the family. The inclement weather, if it decides to show up, won't be holding us back since contingency plans have been in force! Much of the festival will be hosted in the school with opportunities to spill outside to some of the covered playground areas when those gaps in showers appear.

Our pupils are, as always, eagerly anticipating the event. Jake from Class USA was inspired enough to put his film making skills to the test below.

We'll see you at 11.30am tomorrow.

04 May 2013 12:32pm

3114164-paper-airplaneThe school's stakeholder consultation process with pupils, staff, govenors, parents and the wider community was lengthy but extremely valuable and enlightening. Over the past weeks it has been my job to piece together the common themes resulting from answers to the same question:

"What is it that we need to do, as a school, in order to prepare our children to thrive in the future?"

25 Apr 2013 01:31pm

school lunch 1

Unlike many schools, we are very fortunate to have an onsite kitchen along with an excellent team of catering staff. They work tirelessly to produce balanced menus for our pupils, sourcing many of their ingredients locally to support small businesses wherever possible. We recognise that parental support for our school meals is well above the national average with a very healthy uptake throughout the entire year.

22 Mar 2013 11:19am

grass-hockey-hiWhilst the school's budding musicians were entertaining parents in the hall yesterday, another group of pupils were taking part in the 2013 KLB Mini Hockey Festival. Mrs Jones' popular after-school club has meant that the school has a good pool of hockey players to draw from so finding a winning 5-a-side team shouldn't have posed too big a problem! 

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done to all of this week's Star Achievers. See them in the 'Hall of Fame' (pink menu)

28 Sep 18 at 3:21pm