A New Chapter for the Blue Coat Library

On World Book Day it only seems relevant to show you how one of the most important areas of the school has seen a remarkable restoration. The school library has been a tired part of the school for some time, squeezed in next to the ICT suite. Staff felt strongly that the area did not inspire children to want to spend time in there to read, research and explore some of the fantastic books on offer. Something had to be done by someone...

Cue Mrs Fowles and Mr Carlton! We simply don't know what we'd do without Mr Carlton with his 'can-do' attitude and ability to solve the most niggling of problems. He quickly went to work to reorganise the furnishings, repaint the walls, install new shelves, build bookcases and much more. Phase 2 was then ready to begin. Mrs Fowles spearheaded this phase, and she's well equipped being a former teacher  and also an avid reader/book devourer herself! She has reorganised the books, selected and purchased new exciting titles, had creative input as to the layout, as well as designing a brilliant new 3-D theme of book covers exploding from a parcel on the library wall (thanks also to Mr Fowles for his hard work and help)! From the pictures, I'm sure you'll agree that the transformation is huge and the space gained now makes the library a pleasant environment where a whole class can read, be read to and just enjoy books in general.

Mrs Fowles has further plans for the library so we're looking at a work in progress but nonetheless we're extremely grateful for both her and Mr Carlton's hard work and conviction in making the library a special place for Blue Coat children.

Today, class teachers have arranged for their classes to spend time in the library, undertaking book activities. One of which, for the older childrenwill be to identify the book cover artwork featuring on the library wall. I've included a few in the pictures below - how many can you identify?

BEFORE (Sept 2011)...

AFTER (World Book Day, Mar 2012)...

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