Spring term IPC Update

The spring term starts and that means a new IPC topic for each class forming the afternoon curriculum...

As you may be aware, the school has 3 Mileposts: Years 1-2, Milepost 1; Years 3-4, Milepost 2; and Years 5-6, Milepost 3. Each has a new topic this term. You can find out more about what this topic entails on the IPC page of our website, as well as a sneak peek as to what's coming up in subsequent terms. As always, keep tuned to the Latest News feed (now with RSS for quicker updates!) and the class blogs to see how the topics unfold as they happen.

This image will give you a clue as to what the 3 mileposts will be learning about...

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

A reminder for contacting school by email: admin @ bluecoat. gloucs. sch. uk

10 Jul 20 at 11:19am