24 Jan 2017 02:02pm

Easter Garden and Viking Long Boat from Euan.  I like the way you have designed the cave using clay and presented on a board.



15 Dec 2016 05:18pm


Class Cook Christmas Party on PhotoPeach


15 Dec 2016 10:08am

Home learning from the whole of Key Stage 2.

Homelearning Autumn 2017 on PhotoPeach


31 Oct 2016 09:20pm

What would you need to survive on a desert island as a cake!


I like the ideas you explained: fire for warmth, boiling water, keeping away animals and cooking, spade for digging ditch for protection, spear for hunting fish. Well done.

25 May 2016 07:36pm

Last day of activities from Morfa Bay.


Morfa Bay 2016 Wednesday on PhotoPeach

24 May 2016 08:34pm

Photos from today's activities.


Morfa Bay 2016 Tuesday Show 1 on PhotoPeach


Morfa Bay 2016 Tuesday Show 2 on PhotoPeach


23 May 2016 03:02pm

Having a great time at Morfa Bay.  See first photos below.  Regular tweets are on Twitter @BlueCoatPrimary


Monday Morfa Bay 2016 on PhotoPeach


30 Apr 2016 09:00am

Tobias heart was pounding, his chest heaving. Nevertheless he didn't stop running until he was sure they were gone. He came to a sudden halt and collapsed on the trunk of a tree, and allowed the cool night air to fill his hot, wheezing lungs.As he sat,gazing,into the distance, he thought to himself,"It wasn't me that took those computers, so I have nothing to loose." But a new emotion had over come him. Worry. He was in an empty field he had never seen before, two fields away, lightening was striking and he was wearing a posh suit. So posh that it would draw attention to himself.

Sighing, he turned around to see the tree he was leaning on. It was knarled and rotten with a hole that looked like it might show what was on the other side. Being a child still, he pressed his green eye against the hole, expecting to see the brown, dusty field the other side. Instead he saw a miraculous thing that made his heart miss a beat. A forest, covered in white, crystal-like snow with the most beautiful girl standing in it. Her velvety, blonde hair reached halfway down her back, touching her light blue dress.

To be continued...

03 Jan 2016 11:56am


Yesterday I went to the moon,

Stars whizzed past at the speed of light,

Such a journey, such a sight,

But the biggest view of them all,

Was the earth, a big green ball,

Inside the space ship sat many novelties,

Each one entitled to its own different specialties,

Too soon the experience was over as we were quick to arrive,

At the ISS – a wonderful beauty true and alive,

At the end of the day our mission was clear,

Come back from space with a small souvenir.

By Katie T 


06 Dec 2015 04:10pm

Should have read the instructions properly - tasty though

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Excellent support for both the KS1 last week and KS2 parent meeting this week. Thanks to all attending

Yesterday at 8:54am