If I were King/Queen then I'd...

As you may know, our Christian Value for the autumn term is Responsibility. We have discussed this in collective worship but have now extended the reflection time into other parts of the school day...

In our school corridor you will find a rather splendid palace belonging to a King or a Queen. Within it you might just see a plush, grand, regal-red throne upon which the King or Queen places his/her royal posterior.


The idea is that the children question what they would do in a position of high responsibility i.e. as a King or Queen. Each day they have the opportunity to take a picture of one another sat on the throne and then return a day or two later once they have reflected on the following:

"If I were King/Queen, I would be responsible for changing..."

The children must write only one thing that they would be responsible for changing in this country. These pictures are awaiting authors for tomorrow so watch this space once the children (and teachers - have you spotted any?) start writing down their thoughts.

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