Solar Power!

20 Mar 2015 02:02pm

We had a fantastic morning watching the solar eclipse. We used special glasses so that we could look at the sun safely.

It was awesome. It looked like a giant orange banana hanging in the sky.

After we had watched it outside we watched a video link to Norway and saw the total eclipse that happened in Svalbard. The Diamond Ring was incredible.It was so exciting."

05 Mar 2015 10:55am

The Nervous Time-travelling Knight


Image result for knight in a forestOnce upon a time there was a nevous knight called Norman. His friends called him Nervous Norman. One dark, gloomy night Norman saw a flash of green light in the starlit sky Norman was scared but excited at the same time. Suddenly the light rocketed into the forest with a thunderous bang! After that he went outside to have a proper look but the blazing green light had disappeared. He was shocked. There was was something wrong. Despite being nervous Norman went to investigate the cursed, creepy forest at the place where he had seen the suspicious green light.

Creeping stealthily, Norman went closer to the hole in the ground to see if the green light would harm him and his family. Trembling with fear he crept cautiously towards the hole.....






Building a Poem

03 Feb 2015 01:15pm

poetry imageThis week in English we have been using a simple model to create poetic phrases. We have built up a bank of adjectives; a bank of verbs and a collection of adverbs. Then using the nouns we can see in pictures we are making phrases by picking 2 adjectives, followed by a noun then adding a verb and an adverb and then a final noun or adjective noun combination.

Here are some of our efforts:

Bare, frosty trees swaying soundlessly next to the glittering river bank.

Calm, frightening trees running swiftly.

Spooky, friendly leaves laughing loudly.

Dead frozen mountains falling upon the trees.  Crashing and destroying in the dark, wild breeze.

White icy river glittering slowly in a misty blue morning sunrise.

Soft snowy mountain tops sleeping soundly.

Crooked twinkling trees swiftly moving side to side next to the river bank.

Shimmering, snowy plants bellowing loudly in a spooky forest.

Bare icy trees sprinting happily by the shimmering river.

Tall barkless trees glittering proudly on the riverside bank.

Gloomy strong mountains fighting bravely on the frozen world.

Glinting frosty trees swaying slowly in the frozen meadow.

Huge, beautiful trees sleeping peacefully in the dark night.

Shivering, peculiar people shaking rapidly among the snowy hills.

Deserted shimmering rivers sitting calmly in a snowy field.

Towering trees collapsing loudly on a frozen landscape.

Christmas snow glistens like an icicle as still  as a statue.

The next step is for us to start to find ways to pair up some of these phrases so that the endings rhyme. After that we will need to look at the rhythm of each phrase and see if we can create a poem which flows and reads well.






27 Jan 2015 09:23pm

                                                                                                                         My name is Elizabeth and I like doing ballet. I also like doing gym. My family are my mum my dad and my brother Joseph. I go to brownies on Wednesday. I have FUN. I have one cat called Winnie. I like skiing as well as having Nerf fights with my brother. I like to do lots of crafts at the weekends. I like playing out with my friends outside. My top favourite films are the Sound of Music and High School Musical 1/2/3. I am good at writing. I like to sing when I feel like it. My favourite teddy is a bunny and she is called Luna. My best friend is called Isabella and she is very kind to me. I have one fish called Stripe and I like to feed it. I have taken my 1st and 2nd ballet exams and I am taking my 3rd ballet exam soon. I am 8 years old and I like to watch movies with my family. I like to do piano. Soon I will be doing my prep test piano exam. My brother is 10 and he likes Lego. I like watching the DVD Frozen. I like going to school and seeing my friends. One of my teachers is called Mr Clements and my other teacher is called Mr Brooks. My mum’s car is a Mini cooper and my dad’s car is a BMW. Sometimes I like to help my family do jobs around the house. I like to go on different holidays with my family. I like it when I see my family. I like to read different types of books. I like baking cakes with my mum.  I love to play with my build a bears. My build a bear cupboard is red and blue. I like going to the park as well as going on walks in the woods and other places like that. My wall in my room is Pink and I also have a desk. I like going camping with my friends and family. My dad has a classic car which is a Spitfire. My favourite food is pasta and pizza. I have a pen licence. I do recorder on Tuesday. I like to do different types of sport.  I am good at drawing different things like animals and still life things. I like to go out and about. My favourite colours are purple and red. I like to watch CBBC. I like to speak to my family on the phone. I like to do maths even where I am. I like playing with my brother when he is nice to me.  I like to play with my Lego friends. I like finding shells on the beach with my brother. When I go to beaches I like to surf on my surf board in the sea and waves. My house is a Cream colour. I like going swimming to different places. I also go to tap lessons at the same place I do ballet. My cat is a tortoise-shell.



19 Jan 2015 08:09pm


Our topic this term is  shaping up and we are learning a lot about the human body and how it works. We have learnt about our bones. Did you know that children only have 206 bones and when they are around 18 years old you have 300 bones! Bones are realy important because if you did not have them then you would be like jelly.Your smallest bone is in your ear. It is smaller than a pea. Muscles protect your bones and bones protect the digestive system.  

Sophie B

19 Jan 2015 01:56pm

This term our topic is shaping up. For our main activity we are doing clubs for KS1. We are doing a volleyball club with balloons called the Floating Victorious Volleyballers. We are doing three minutes of warm ups then about 17 minutes of doing fun volleyball. We are focusing most about the exercise but we might do some skills as well. Then at the end we will do some little matches for fun. This club will be hosting just before lunch in Class Drake.


19 Jan 2015 01:56pm

Come to the Champion Trainers club because if  you are not healthy now it will help you to be healthy in the future. If you are not fit you won't be healthy. You need to be healthy to live a better life when you are older. Also this exercise club can make you a exercise lover, not an exercise hater.


Funky Kids

19 Jan 2015 01:44pm

Funky Kids is a club based on dancing from Strictly Come Dancing and it's all about funky! Funky Kids is for our fitness topic. Everybody in Years 3 and 4 is running a club but no one is doing funky kids except us. Funky kids is really good for people who like dancing because we teach you a new routine  that we made ourselves to bang bang . We will do the warm up first then show you the routine and then we will start the funky dancing. The routine will be as funky as we can choose and we chose some very good moves. We need you to get fit! We will be helping you for your health as well. If you want to be funky at dancing well what are you wating for come now come along. Funky Kids are the best so come and join and we will push you to the test. We will make you fit so hip hip hooray! Have you decided that you are coming ? Then what are you wating for. Sign up now!

04 Nov 2014 11:39am

We have been using our class twitter account for a few weeks now. Please come and check it out at @BlueCoatDrake

22 Oct 2014 09:25pm

One day in a giant sea battle Robin, a small cabin boy quivered in a corner on the flaming deck of his ship. He seemed oblivious to the nails and shards of wood and cannon balls which were flying through the air cutting through peoples stomachs and sawing through their heads the suddenly his ship blew up. Many screams were heard.

Soon after a little fellow called Bob came looking for things to give his rebels and York a chance of beating Lancaster. He found a shipwreck and on that shipwreck was Robin. Bob saved him and they headed for the woods to go to the hideout of Bob’s Rebellion. Suddenly a band of mean looking burly muscular foreign soldiers came rushing towards them. Suddenly Bob pulled out a bow and arrow and shot them.

“Quick” said Bob.

They went to a tree house, when inside they warned the archers and suddenly from all sides they were ambushed by an army bearing the rose of Lancaster. Robin grabbed a crossbow. Soon all the army were killed then suddenly another soldier came and killed Bob.

“No!” cried Robin. The a hundred arrows shot from the bowmen. The soldier fell in agony and died.  After Bob’s funeral Robin was declared leader of the rebellion. Soon after Robin sent the Rebels on an attack. The attack took place at the house of Lancaster. Many people died and half the house of Lancaster fell and squashed a group of monks…..

By Daniel C.

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