Summer Term

03 Jun 2015 02:19pm

Welcome back!

Thank you for all the shoe boxes this week, we do have some spare but if you haven't already could we have them in for the end of next week. Thank you!   

Just a reminder P.E is outside this term. Trainers and appropriate clothes need to be in school on Monday and Tuesday.

In maths this week we have been looking at doubling, children have been partitioning numbers to help them with the answers.

e.g. double 22



In writing we have been looking at recounts, the children have been looking at making their opening sentences interesting for the reader.

It sounds like you all had a great half term!

10 May 2015 11:47am

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!  

For Thursday- Could all children bring in one yogurt pot for our science experiment please. We will be finding out and describing how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. Children will then get the chance to observe and describe how their own seeds grow into mature plants (fingers crossed)

In maths this week we will be looking at fractions- finding fractions of numbers and shapes.

In literacy children will be creating their own superhero book- we will be consolidating all the targets children have been working on this year to make their writing fantastic e.g. correct sentence structure, connectives, adjectives…

Don’t forget it is the May Fayre on Saturday 16th

Worship week

29 Apr 2015 12:50pm

Worship is now in full swing- the children are looking great! Thank you for helping them learn all the lines so quickly! They can’t wait to perform on Friday!

Just a reminder:

There is no forest school tomorrow (will resume as normal next week)

Please could we have all worship costumes in by tomorrow, so we can have our dress rehearsal!

Multiskills on Friday please come dressed in suitable clothes



Zoo lab visited yesterday- Lauren was great! The children got to meet lots of different animals and learn lots of interesting facts!

21 Apr 2015 07:26pm

Just a reminder that forest school is on Thursday, it looks like its set to be a lovely day! Please make sure children are wearing suitable clothes to school, sun hats etc if needed.

Maths- children have been collecting their own data and presenting the results in different ways.

English- Haiku poems, the children have been doing brilliantly with this very tricky type of poem!

DON’T FORGET- Class worship next Friday (1st)

A to B

15 Apr 2015 12:27pm

Welcome back! The children sound like they have had a great Easter! I am in the middle of reading their recounts, what a great break they had!

We begin our new topic 'from A to B'. We will be practising our geographical skills and developing our understanding of the world around us. Home Learning grids will be coming home at the end of this week.

Our English sees a focus on solving and writing riddles. The children will be focussing on using suitable, descriptive language as well as thinking carefully about the order in which they tell their clues - not giving away too much, too quickly!

In maths we are looking at doubling, halving, adding and subtracting with a focus on partitioning the numbers to help us.

If you have ordered a poetry book or are waiting for it to be signed, the books will be with you on Monday 20th April.

Just a reminder for P.E

Monday- wear P.E kit (including trainers)

Tuesday- dance- shorts (trainers in school for any sports day practising)

Easter treats

20 Mar 2015 04:34pm

What an exciting day! Even though the children didn’t have the opportunity to view the eclipse outside, they did watch parts live on the internet. The children then learnt some facts about the Solar eclipse and wrote their own information book!

In maths this week children have been looking at place value. I wonder if they can show you which number is a unit, ten or hundred? They were using this information to help them add trickier numbers by partitioning. Towards the end of the week we started to look at fractions- we will be continuing with fractions next week.  

In English next week children will be following instructions to make Easter goodies. They will also have the opportunity to create their own instructions, testing if someone else can follow them.

Just a reminder on Tuesday we will have the writer Pauline Travers visiting the children. I am very excited; she will put on quite a show! The children will have the opportunity to buy one of her books for £4 at the end, she will sign every copy!

Comic relief

10 Mar 2015 02:40pm

Just a reminder that Friday is Comic relief- don’t forget to make your face funny for money!

There will be stalls at break time, children can buy sweets and cakes - £1 is plenty no more please!

This week we are continuing with recounts, Friday’s big write will be a recount of the weekend they have just had! All children planned their big write yesterday so they shouldn't forget all the exciting things they did. We will be focusing on time connectives and adjectives this week- we want to make our recounts interesting for the reader.

This week in maths we are looking at division. Children have been looking at arrays to help them with harder division number sentences- I wonder if they can show you this at home?


08 Feb 2015 01:33pm

This week are English lessons will be based on poetry. Children will be looking at a range of nursery rhymes, with some that have gone wrong (slightly changed or have a different ending). Children will look at different adjectives and rhyming patterns the poets use. This will then help them recreate their own nursery rhymes that have gone wrong.

In maths we are looking at weight and time. Children will be looking at telling the time to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too and then using this knowledge to help them solve problems. Children will also take part in different weighing activities, using different vocabulary e.g. heavier, lighter and weighing different objects to the nearest 100g.

Class Kingsley have earned them self another point for star attenders, so we now have 2 non-school uniform days due! Well done everyone!! One of the non-uniform days will take place on the last day of term Friday 13th February. 

25 Jan 2015 08:42pm

Last week we continued to look at traditional tales. We have now covered ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and then moved on to ‘Cinderella’. Within this focus, we have been learning how to write speech within our stories and have also been thinking about using different words for said e.g shouted, whispered, cried. Thank you for sharing all your different versions of these stories, we have enjoyed reading them in class! We are now coming to the end of this 3 week cycle and will be finishing with ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.

In maths last week we were looking at ordinal numbers (children got the chance to have a mini sports day) and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. This week we will have a big focus on addition and subtraction, crossing multiples of 10 e.g. 29 + 8 or 46 - 8. Children will use number lines to see these visual jumps.

The children have had a great time at forest school. This week is our last session. Thank you for making sure they have been prepared for all weather!

Reminder: all P.E. sessions are indoors this term. The children have been enjoying the different apparatus and blue bars!

13 Jan 2015 04:30pm

What a great first week back, the children have told me all about the exciting things they did over Christmas! Thank you for the brilliant costumes for the launch of our new unit 'People of the Past'. The children have started to create a timeline of events from the last five years and it was great that they could contribute, dressed as those important people.

Reading lessons (with the support of our parent volunteers) has begun. The children will all have the opportunity to read with adults in a small group and take part in a range of reading activities that support the development of specific reading skills. This will happen daily between 9.00 and 9.20. Please continue to read daily with your child at home - the difference this makes to their progress and confidence is immense.

We have our second forest school session on Thursday. Please remember warm clothes, wellies, hats and gloves. Luckily the weather dried up last week and we had some sun! (If there are any parents that would like to help over the next few sessions please pop in to see Mrs Merrikin or I)

P.E lessons have begun again with Mrs Dixon on a Monday, this term we are looking at Gymnastics. It would be great if children could wear shorts under their trousers and short tops. The children are experimenting with different apparatus e.g. the blue bars, and need to be able to grip securely. It would also be great if girls could bring hair bands on the day of P.E (Monday and Tuesday) to tie hair up.

In maths we have been looking at number bonds and more or less. Children are now beginning to memorise number bonds up to 10 and 20 which is fantastic!

1+9=10 so… 1+19 must =20

In literacy we have been looking at speech, thinking about speech marks and what different words we can use for said. Children will be using this to help them re-tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.