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13 Jan 2020 02:36pm

imagesWe are proud to top this year's Real School's Guide ranked list for 'Best Primary School in Gloucestershire'!

This relatively recent way of ranking schools comprehensively considers 45 different data points in arriving at the school's 5-star judgement. It then compares this with all other state-funded schools in the county and decides 'Best Primary School' each year.

09 Jan 2020 08:17am

imagesIt remains a challenge to try to ensure that young people are safe online as apps and technology continue to evolve at ever-increasing rates. One of the fastest growing social media trends amongst this peer group comes in the form of video-based app TikTok. It may well be that your child has already downloaded it and is using it on their devices. The following offers some information for parents and some precautions to ensure that children using the app retain their online safety (information from

19 Dec 2019 04:30pm

IMG 0194Our PTA have some exceptional connections. Top of the list is the direct line they seem to have with the Man in Red: Santa Claus. Accompanied by an entourage of PTA elves, Santa managed to find time in his busiest period to drop in on our pupils and spread some Christmas cheer.

At breaktime today, some of our recorder musicians played Christmas carols whilst children gathered in anticipation of a special arrival. And he didn't disappoint...

12 Dec 2019 10:44am

IMG 3223As a school community, we all realise that play is an integral part of each child's preparation for Future Readiness. We probably don't need to outline here the virtues of child-initiated play on how children thrive and learn.

One thing we may need to point out though is that for quality play there is a 'trinity' of key ingredients: PERMISSION - SPACE - STUFF. 

PERMISSION: we hold fortnightly play assemblies, led by Mrs Murray and the children themselves, to help children make better decisions in their play. There are few rules to adhere to, but the ones we have are 'Golden', such is their importance to projecting respect and keeping ourselves and others safe. This forum offers a valuable opportunity to discuss the nature of play and in particular the equipment children get to play with (its opportunities and potential risks).

10 Dec 2019 02:31pm

DSC01711As the children progress through Blue Coat, they are expected to encounter higher and higher stakes in their learning. It doesn't get much more serious than when it comes to raising the stakes to set up a profitable business using public monies!

Thankfully, our Year 5 and 6 children rose to the challenge in their 'Pop-up Shop' learning vehicle that was introduced back in September. Since that time, they have researched a charity they felt passionate about raising funds for. They have looked at multiple aspects of business such as business planning, shareholding, profit and loss margins, and unique selling points. They have collaborated in their teams to design a desirable product worthy of selling to the public. They have manufactured their final product, organising supplies to arrive both on time and within cost margins. They have marketed the event, presented their stalls, and engaged with members of the public when trying to influence and persuade for successful sales. They have learned to negotiate within teams, deal with conflict, problem-solve things that have gone wrong or not according to plan. Learning was in abundance.

06 Dec 2019 01:14pm

IMG 3870Over the past week, it's been a pleasure to observe the diversity of our school curriculum in action by seeing how the children thrive when given the opportunity.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Milepost 2 children experienced the 'exit point' for their inquiry learning of 'Pack Your Bags'. In a nutshell, the children were tasked with taking on the role of travel agents, selling carefully packaged holidays to the public. This drew upon traditional National Curriculum subjects of ICT (spreadsheets), Geography (comparing and contrasting locations, physical geography), Maths, English (exposition) and much more.

13 Nov 2019 10:07am

IMG 6498INSET days at Blue Coat are usually an exhausting affair for the teaching staff. Their brains hurt as they deepen their understanding of how we can work to prepare our children for their futures. Recent INSET days involved a slightly different form of exhaustion...

27 Jun 2019 01:36pm

DSC01675A team of children from Key Stage 2 represented Blue Coat at the annual district sports events held over the past couple of weeks.

At both the field event competition at North Nibley and the delayed track event at KLB, we were represented brilliantly by our children, with a great level of success in both. 

27 Jun 2019 10:53am

WheelbarrowBasking in the sunshine at the Berkeley Show last weekend, members of the Ignite Club wowed the judges in their Jurassic-themed wheelbarrow competition. 

Weeks of preparation paid off as Ignite Club receive recognition for their imaginative and ‘future ready’ wheelbarrow with a well-deserved 2nd place out of 12 competing schools.

13 Jun 2019 08:42am

young writers

In the spring term, many of Blue Coat's aspirational authors submitted their entries to a nationwide short-story competition.These 100-word spooky sagas both thrilled and terrified in equal measure!

Despite the testing word limit, the children crafted their mini sagas skillfully, ensuring that they thought carefully about the purpose of their writing as well as their audience. 

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from Mr Ryan

Thank you to all the families and staff who supported our first Big Breakfast of 2020. Good to see so many faces!

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