We believe that 'Learning about Learning' has to be a central feature of any Blue Coat vision. No questions asked. For us, 'Learning' is a two-sided coin.

On one side you have the KnowledgeSkills and Understanding; on the other you have the habits or the behaviours which allow you to use them well when you need them.

We want our children to be able to call 'Heads' or 'Tails' with equal confidence...

Meet The 'BLOTS'...

learnblotOur Learning BLOT has a keen eye for noticing things and has many raised senses which makes it a good listener, communicator and general explorer of all things new and interesting. To this BLOT, learning's a journey and one that should never be rushed to find shortcuts or avoid tricky routes.

Our Learner BLOT devours a diet of skills, knowledge and understanding by the bucketful. Generally, this is a great companion to have around when you're not sure what to do. However, the other BLOTS might disagree! They do tend to get a little tetchy about its long list of 'annoying' habits (but we think they're all just jealous) as this BLOT is always imagining, making links, collaborating, questioning, meta-learning...amongst others.

Being the Learning BLOT then you may be led to believe that it's a bit of a know-it-all and seldom gets things wrong. Not so. Making mistakes is part of its daily routine and that's because finding challenges in new, tricky situations is the norm - so as to gain and try out new skills and habits! 

The Christian Values that this BLOT lives by are: COURAGE, CREATIVITY, ENDURANCE, and WISDOM.

A Showcase for Learning at Blue Coat...

It's all very well having 'a Vision' but if elements of it are not being lived out already in school then the question is, "What is the point?"

Please keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it with how we're walking the walk with regard to the LEARNING ABOUT LEARNING element of our 4-pronged vision.

Most recently...

Identifying & Developing 'Learning Behaviours'...

2015-10-15 09.49.07 am

Children spending time at school learning endless skills, knowledge and understanding isn't enough to make them an effective learner. The best learners have habits that enable them to apply these in any given scenerio to enable them to succeed and learn further and deeper. For example, these might include: Listening, Perseverance, Resourcefulness etc.

We have looked at what these habits or behaviours are, and their relationship with pupil achievement. In order to make our learners truly 'future ready' then we need to identify, develop and nurture these behaviours in all of our learners daily. As a staff, we have started this process by defining the behaviours that we have identified as a priority for our pupils. Ongoing assessment of these behaviours is on the horizon along with a series of staff INSET on how we develop these minute-by-minute in our classrooms. Parents will also be brought into the fold through future information sharing sessions and suggestions on how they might positively affect these behaviours at home. Watch this space!


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