Building Learning Power

What is it?

BC 14 of 122Building Learning Power is the brainchild of Professor Guy Claxton. It seeks to enhance a learner's ability to learn by focusing on and stretching a set of key characteristics or 'habits of mind'. This is done with the learner rather than to them, allowing a positive shift in responsibility for learning from teacher to pupil. 

Why is it important?

2 words: lifelong learning. Doing what we can to make children more effective learners will undoutedly be one of our biggest contributions towards their successful futures. BLP not only has a clear focus on the cognitive aspects of learning but also the emotional and social. The result is both a responsibility and attitude shift towards pupils owning and leading their learning whilst being able to regulate their emotions and social interactions with peers.

Building Learning Power promotes the notion that understanding how you learn is just as important as what it is you are learning. If we can help children understand more about the 'how' then surely the 'what' becomes a lot easier for them.

BC 109 of 122Through BLP teaching, children want to challenge themselves with trickier brain workouts. They want to find things difficult and get stuck. They want to make meaningful mistakes through trying. Why? Because BLP shows them that it is under these conditions that deep learning takes place... and BLP learners want to learn!

We believe that any organisation that aims to promote lifelong learning should be trying to build an unquenchable thirst for learning in its pupils whilst also developing the strategies to make them more effective at the process of learning. For us, teaching that adopts the principles of Building Learning Power securely ticks both boxes.

How are we doing it?

We are in the early stages of exploring Building Learning Power. The notion that Reflectiveness, Resilience, Relationships & Resourcefulness are key factors in effective learning is a given to most of our pupils. Blue Coat teaching has regularly signposted these 4 areas and the learning has encouraged children to reflect on their competency in each 'R'. We have celebrated their worth through a regular Friday assembly where 'Star Achievers' are selected by teachers for how their pupils have demonstrated these areas in their learning.

Some of our teachers are now moving from signposting to a more complex stage of 'split-screen' teaching. This is a highly skilled form of teaching whereby the teacher is trying to stretch the children's learning habits (the How of learning) whilst simultaneously delivering the lesson content i.e. Skills/Knowledge/Understanding (the What of learning). This requires careful planning, delivery and unpicking after: there is no book to tell you how to do it... yet!

In addition, we have started to unpick the more generic groupings of effective learning with the children and look at the individual learning habits that each embodies. Some classes are looking at BLP Superheroes to do this; others have different plans.

Like our learners, we are at the beginning of a long journey and we're looking forward to the challenges and subsequent successes (for our pupils sake) in embedding Building Learning Power deeply into the learning culture of our school.

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