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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Here's a challenge for you: To craft and write a 100 word story. Not 99, not 101. 100 words exactly! In class this morning we talked about how to do this successfully - here are the key things to remember.

1) Be original - this is an opportunity to use your imagination and write with creativity. Have fun with a story that nobody else has ever thought of, let alone published on the internet!

2) Every sentence and every word matters - you only have a limited number of words (no more, no less!) so don't just write the first thing that comes into your head - take your time, mull it over, be a wordsmith!

3) And if you can, include a surprise or sudden twist at the end - this makes your story memorable and stand out from the crowd.

All entries will be read and judged by Mr Ryan and the top 2 or 3 read out in a celebration assembly. Let's get writing!

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Teya Q on 11 Oct 11 at 1:11pm | Quote this comment
I think that it is a great idea i am deffinetly going to have ago
Comment 2 Comment by Molly W on 11 Oct 11 at 1:14pm | Quote this comment
It sounds so fun I am going to have a go.!!
Comment 3 Comment by Abi B on 11 Oct 11 at 1:23pm | Quote this comment
as soon as possible im going to write my story
Comment 4 Comment by Ismay L on 11 Oct 11 at 5:49pm | Quote this comment
this shall be so awesome
Comment 5 Comment by Abbie B on 11 Oct 11 at 6:33pm | Quote this comment
Running away to sea

Not so long ago there was a young boy called Daniel. He was the son of a shoemaker who didn’t make much money. One day he chose to leave his family and he ran away to a beautiful ship called The Tulip. It went round the world stealing cargo from other ships. After 5 long years Daniel thought the ship was sinking and he went to tell the captain, who’s name was Charlie. The captain said, “you’re talking a load of rubbish, this ship isn’t sinking!" He decided he wanted to get left on an island. Sure enough the ship sank…
Comment 6 Comment by Jonathan G on 12 Oct 11 at 8:40am | Quote this comment
Abbie's story is realy good!
Comment 7 Comment by Esme K on 12 Oct 11 at 5:36pm | Quote this comment
The boy who wanted a family
There was once a brown hared boy named Josh, who had always wanted a family. He lived in a care home were people bulled him. “you are stinky ” shouted the mean boys feeling good. “, stop it no I am not. “you don’t even have a family” laughed the boys. This is what Josh hated. the next mean day a glittery family ,who had a smile on the face where looking for a nice boy. When they went home Josh had to go to bed. The next morning a lady came in and said “your coming home with me”.THE END.
Comment 8 Comment by Liberty B on 13 Oct 11 at 6:12pm | Quote this comment
I have wrote mine it is called Scarred for life.
Comment 9 Comment by Mr Herring on 15 Oct 11 at 1:32pm | Quote this comment
Liberty - are you going to post your story on your class blog? I'd love to read it!
Comment 10 Comment by Alex L on 06 Nov 11 at 2:46pm | Quote this comment
it sounds really cool I'm going to try it now!

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