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...term finishes at 3.15pm on Thursday 14th Feb as staff have INSET on Friday.

11/02/2019 at 2:38pm

Class Caribbean voted to have their well-deserved home clothes day on Friday 21st December. However, we discovered yesterday that due to class parties, everyone at Blue Coat will be in home clothes on that day! We put our heads together, had a vote and decided that we would have our special home clothes day on Wednesday 19th December.

Two home clothes days in one week - aren't we lucky!

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Comment 1 Comment by Zoe B on 18 Dec 12 at 4:47pm | Quote this comment
I can not wait till tomorrow because it is home clothes day!
Comment 2 Comment by Rio T on 19 Dec 12 at 5:06pm | Quote this comment
Today 19th of December it was home clothes day it was good because it was CHISTMAS DINNER It had to be a winner of course it was the best ever. :D

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