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A reply to The Three Little Pigs

The Big Bad Wolf's House
England UK

6th July 2012

Dear Three Little Pigs,

I’m writing to inform you that I am very sorry for chasing you and blowing your houses down. I received your letter today and I now know how fed up you are. Australia does sound fun (are there any pigs there?) but I am worried that my sun cream will run out.

I was wondering if you could possibly come to my house for some coffee cake tomorrow? So please do reply if you would like to come.

Best wishes
Mr Big Bad Wolf

P.S. I promise to rebuild your houses.

By Adele and Geoffrey

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Comment 1 Comment by Brendan K on 13 Jul 12 at 7:20pm | Quote this comment
I read it through and it was brilliant. No growing green! Well done

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